Humanities Roman Empire

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    3rd Punic War

    Rome has turned into a "Roman lake" After Second Punic War, Rome made treaty with Carthage saying they couldnt aquire new territories, build warships, or declare war, and they had to pay back fines to Rome Rome visits Carthage and see success (mad)
    Numidians hired by Rome to attack Carthage
    Carthage declares war which breaks treaty with Rome
    Carthage sends senators to Rome for forgiveness
    Rome attacks Carthage, killing everyone and salting the land.
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    Rome is left in Shambles

    After 3rd Punic War, Rome is left in shambles- awful land.
    Farmers are unable to afford their farms so they must sell land and find other work This creates two very distinct classes- Reforms are tried to be made for equality and this angers Senate. Senate kills those who question their power
    Julius Caesar, Crassus the Rich, and Pompey the Great- all killed by senate Lots of Civil Wars take place eventually Julius Caesar is assisinated (after declaring himself king in 58 BCE Octavious wins
  • Period: 207 to 237

    2nd Punic War

    Rome conquers Po Valley and eastern shore of Adriatic Sea Hamilcar attacks Sarguntum, Spain
    Hannibal takes over and attacks Sarguntum in 218
    Hannibal leads men over Pyrenese/Alps to Italy
    Leads military up and down penninsula, never attacking Rome
    Scipio gains back control of Spain and attacks Carthage-destroyed
  • Period: 241 to 264

    1st Punic War

    Rome/Carthage limit each others expansion
    Mamertines seize town of Mssina, Italy
    Carthage tries to help them
    Rome declares war on Carthage for breaking treaty
    Land fighting takes place in Sicily
    Romans capture Carthanginian bireme and copy design, enhancing it as well.
    Rome invades Africa and attacks Carthaginiian ships
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    One of the Consuls must be Plebian

    one of the two consuls in the senate must be plebian
  • Feb 5, 616

    Struggle for Political Power in Rome

    661-509 BCE Etruscan kinds from Nothern Italy rule Rome where classes are divided into Plebians (many) and Patricians (fathers of the state)
  • Romulus and Remis

    Romulus and Remis
    800 BCE- Amulis and Numitor, ancestors of Aeneas gain riches and Kingship of Troy. Numitors Kingship is stolen by Amulis who makes his daughter, Antho a vestal so she can not have a son. She ends up getting pregnant with Romulus and Remis who are put into exhile, but live and end up (Romulus) creating Rome
  • Patricians lead reblellion against Etruscan rule

    Patricians lead reblellion against Etruscan rule
    overthrow the las king, Tarquinius Superbus (Tarquinius the Proud) and establish a republic. The Particians also divide the states power and form a senate of 300 people with two Consuls to command the army and run day-to-day affairs.
  • Conflict of Orders begins

    Conflict of Orders begins
    Plebians riot and move away from Rome, rufusing to work or serve in military.
  • Patricias give into Plebians

    They allows Plebians to elect 10 officials (Tibune of the Plebs) to represent in the senate.Council of Plebs is created. Laws are also recorded (12 Tables)
  • Council of Plebs is incorporated into Citizen's Asseblies

    Council of Plebs is incorporated into Citizen's Asseblies
    who had the right to pass laws that affected the entire society