humanities 7

  • LIfetime of Lucy

    She lived 4 million years ago.Has teeth and was biped. About 3 ft tall.
  • Lifetime of homo habilis

    Lived 2 million years ago. Incresingly larger brain size. Traveled and made tools. Known as handyman.
  • Lifetime of Homo Erectus

    Lived 1.8 million years ago.Knew how to make and control fire. Was able to make more impressive tools. Known as upright man.
  • Lifetime of Homo sapiens

    Lived less than 500,000 years ago. Was stronger. Had a sense of community. More known as Neanderthals.
  • LIfe of homo sapiens sapiens

    Are known as modern humans. MOre complicated tools. Beginning of farms.
  • Dec 16 1805 Rise Of the Kingdom Sumer

    Approx 2900 BCE Located in Mesopotamia. Invented a writting called cuneiform.
  • Dec 16 1806 The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    Unknown date best copie found 7th BCE.Gilgamesh was a king of Uruk. He was not a very good king. His mom was a goddess ,and his dad was a mortal. After his friend dies he was sad. He tries to find ways to live forever, but in the end he figure that his legacy would live forever.
  • dec 16 1807 Abraham

    approx 1900BCE. Born in Ur. He was really old when his son was born. Abraham was monotheist. He almost sacarfice his son, but was stopped by god.
  • dec 16 1808 Hammurabi's Code

    1792-1750 BCE Hammurabi was a famous king in mesopotamia. He expanded his territory very far. He created laws.
  • Dec 16 1809 Joesph goes to Egypt and the Israelites follow

    Approx. 1700- 1280 BCE. Joesph is jacob's favorite son. He gave him a coat of many colors. Joesph was sold in to slavery in Egypt.When a famine hit Egypt he mved all the israelites.
  • Dec 16 1810 Moses, the Exodus from Egypt , and the ten commandments

    Approx. 1280-1240 BCE. Under the rule of Egypt, Jewish peple were enslaved. Moses was a baby in a basket, in the river. LAter on god tells Moses to let the people go. The pharoah let them go, after the plagues. Moses lead the way out. On top of a mountain, Moses recieves two stone tablets of the commandments.
  • Dec 17 1811 Time of the jugdes/Times Before The kings

    Approx. Between the 13th century to the 11th century BCE. Ruth was a womn. Her famous descendent was David.
  • Dec 17 1812 The Reign Of David

    Approx. 1013-973 BCE. He was a hero. He battle Goliath. Became king.
  • Dec 17 1813 Elijah

    Approx. 875 -853 BCE. He once made fire come out of the sky. He was a phraphet.
  • 1814 Siege Of lachish

    701 BCE. Lachish was 25 miles away from jerusalem. The king rebelled. The assyrian army came and killed the defenders, and deport the people.
  • 1815 seige of jerusalem

    587 BCE. the king decided to rebelled against power.
  • 1816:Indus Valley Civilazations

  • 1817:The Aryans Invasian and the Vedas

    1700 BCE
  • 1818:The ascetics and the upanishads

    700-500 BCE