How To Make The Most DELICIOUS TOAST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Claire Chen

  • First Step

    First Step
    First, you get all of the materials that you need to set up : white toast bread and toaster .
  • Period: to

    How To Make The Most DELICIOUS TOAST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

  • Second Step

    Second Step
    Locate power outlet for toaster.Plug the toaster into the power.
  • Third Step

    Third Step
    Switch the power outlet on.
  • Fourth Step

    Fourth Step
    Select toaster setting for desired outcome.
  • Fith Step

    Fith Step
    Place Two slices of bread into the toaster.
  • Sixth Step

    Sixth Step
    Pull down leaver on toaster to start cooking.
  • Seventh Step

    Seventh Step
    Wait for your toast to re-level. Make sure it is not hot.
  • Last Step

    Last Step
    Apply spreads for flavours.
  • Coment

    Enjoy your toast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!