Holocaust Timeline

  • hitter take over

    hitter take over
    At this time this is where hitter was assigned as the chancellor
  • the Jewish boycott

    the Jewish boycott
    the Nazis started to boycott stores that were own by the jews
  • Nazi race law

    Nazi race law
    Nazi put out a law that show what the race tree looked like and it said that you can not married someone of different blood.
  • Jews try's to leave

    Jews try's to leave
    the Jews wait in a state call Vennie to get a visa so that they could leave they need a visa and a large amount of money for them to leave the country so that they are not taken into constiantion camps
  • night of broken glass

    night of broken glass
    this was when the Nazi decide to burn down a temple in which the Jews worship also other in only 48 hours this kill many jews
  • how the united state responded

    how the united state responded
    there was a ship that had over 900 passengers most of them had Jewish blood was taken to the united states but the united state was not sure who they were so the reject them form entering and had them leave back to Europe.
  • the life of the Jews

    the life of the Jews
    they had to wait in line to get food, but the Germans put a supplies restriction on it so now they had to live with the lack of food, shelter and unsanitary places.
  • trains "DEPORTATIONS"

    trains "DEPORTATIONS"
    the Germans put between 100-80 people in one train cart and for all of the them together there was over 1,000 people on it. these trains were used to transport the Jews to there killing area, but most them were died on the trains