• New Years Day

    New Years Day
    Each year we as Americans celebrate a fresh start. Often throwing big parties and making lists of resolutions to change our bad habits to help start the new year off right.
  • Valentines Day

    Valentines Day
    Each year couples show their love for eachother by buying roses, choclates, going out to dinner, and adding simple romantic touches to the day.
  • Presidents Day

    Presidents Day
    American pride at its finest. We celebrate the freedoms we have in this country and show our apperication for the past and current president who helps run our country.
  • Easter

    Although this is a religous holiday that celebrates Christ's return, often as Americans we clebrate by hiding eggs for the little ones to find, and make baskets filled with candy and small gifts all delievered by the Easter Bunny himself.
  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day
    Santa came! Everyone opens presents, enjoys one and others company and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day
    To show our loves to our Moms we dedicated a whole day to it. Breakfest in bed, flowers, and hand-made cards, all just small tokens of love for them.
  • Fathers Day

    Fathers Day
    To show our the important men in our life how much we care we celebrate by having BBQ's and giving them a break from their everyday duties!
  • Indepence Day

    Indepence Day
    Every true Ameican's favorite holiday. Decked out in red white and blue we celebrate with bonfires, cold beer, hamburgers, hotdogs, freshly squeezed lemonade, and fireworks.
  • Halloween

    Children an adults alike dress up as something they are not. Trick-or-treating starts at 6:00 sharp, Better be armed with treats or be prepared to clean up egg splatter on your front door and toliet paper from your trees!
  • Thanksgiving

    Americans gather around the dinner table with those they love to say the things that they are blessed with in their lives. Followed by a feast of turkey, mashed patatoes, and corn. This holiday lets us remeber and give thanks for all of our freedoms and luxuries.
  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve
    The night before Santa comes!! Restless children wait for the morning time to come to open their presents.