Hitler's Hate On The Jews

  • Unfair Sacking.

    Jewish lawyers and judges were fired and suspended from their jobs and places in court.
  • The Children.

    The growing hate towards the Jews began to become a family affair. Aryan and non-Aryan children were forbidden from playing together.
  • Unfair Sacking #2

    All Jewish teached were fired and banned from teaching in German state schools.
  • The Yellow Benches.

    Benches were labelled 'For Jews' and the Jewish were only permitted to use yellow painted benches which were reserved just for them.
  • The Nuremburg Laws.

    The Nuremburg Laws were intorduced. These included:
    - The removal of German citizenships from those of Jewish background.
    - Marriages and sex outside of marriage between Germans and Jewish people became a punishable crime.
    - Marriages between a German and a Jew became invalid.
  • Jews Lose Their Posessions.

    Jewish people are ordered to hand over electrical and optical equiptment, bicycles, typewriters and records to the German government.
  • Once A Jew, Always A Jew.

    To try save their lives, some Jews tried to convert to Christianity to change their identity. A law was made on this day that, even if the Jew was baptized, the person would still be classed as a member of the Jewish race.
  • Nothing For The Jews...

    Only Aryan Jews were allowed to be allotment holders. This meant Jewish people were stripped of almost all their physical belongings.
  • ...All For The Germans.

    Jews had to declare all their finances to the German Government. This allowed the Germans to seize all the assets of the Jewish people. In other terms, this allowed the Germans to rob the Jewish of all their money.
  • A Cruel Name-Changer

    The Germans began to their control over the Jews to another level by taking one of the very few things Jewish people still had possession of, their names. Male Jews were ordered to add the name 'Israel' to their name. Female Jews commanded to add the name 'Sara' to their first name.
  • (To Pass Or Not To) Passports

    Jewish people were ordered to hand over their passports to the Nazis. Some were stamped with a 'J'. If their emmigration on their passport were not pleasing to the Nazis the passport was seized.
  • Even More Restrictions On The Jews

    A number of restrictions were also placed on the Jews once again.
    - Jews were not allowed to use either indoor or outdoor swimming pools.
    - Jews were ordered to give their driving licenses and vehicle permits to the police.
    - Jewish women were banned from working as midwives.
    - Jewish bookshops and book publishers were shut down.
  • We'll Break It But You Can Clean It.

    After their synagogues were ruined by Nazi mobs, Jewish people were forced to collect the shambles but were forbidden to rebuild or fix anything.
  • Kicked Out.

    The Nazis were now just being plain cruel to the Jewish with this ridiculous rule. Jews could be evicted from their homes without any reason and without notice being given beforehand.
  • Curfew On The Jews

    Jewish people were not allowed to exit or to be outside their homes after 8pm in the Winter and 9pm in the Summer.