History Timeline - 4000 BCE - 250 CE

  • 240

    Eratosthenes calculates the tilt of earths tilt

  • 256

    Qin dynasty begins to overthrow Zhou dynasty in China

  • 260

    First Roman naval batlle - victory

  • 300

    Settlers from Korea show Japan agriculture

  • 340

    Athenians declare war on Philip

  • 400

    Crossbow invented in China

  • 404

    Athens surrenders to Sparta

  • 425

    Democritus starts theory that all matter is made up of small atoms

  • 461

    War fought between Athens and Sparta

  • 525

    Persians conquer Egypt

  • Aug 29, 600

    Rome conquered by Etruscans

  • Aug 29, 650

    Greek colonies founded near Black Sea

  • Aug 29, 671

    Kushite dynasty founded

  • Aug 29, 776

    date for founding Olympic Games

  • Aug 29, 1085

    End of Egyptian Empire

  • Aug 29, 1100

    Jews found Kingdom of Israel

  • Aug 29, 1200

    Hittite Empire destroyed by Sea People and Assyrians

  • Aug 29, 1480

    Egypt defeats Lebanon and Israel - Start of Egyptian Empire

  • Aug 29, 1500

    Alphabet is founded in Ugarit

  • Chariots now in China

  • Egypt falls apart as a nation

  • People in Peru make pottery

  • Amorite founds new dynasty, known as Babylonia

  • Jesus Christ is born

  • Basketmaking starts in Southwest US

  • Jesus is crucified

  • People in present day East US make pottery

  • Buddhism spreads to China via Asia

  • Ur is destroyed by Elamites

  • Invention of paper

  • Persians capture Babylonia, which is then added to the Achaemenid Empire

  • Persians defeated at Plataea

  • Treaty between Athens and Persia

  • Concrete is invented - helps the evolution of buildings

  • Confucianism is made the ideal religion in China

  • Mathematicians in Mesopotamia divide a circle into 360 degrees

    Helps the evolution of building and geometry
  • First pottery made in Southwest US

    Made to help carry water and other supplies for people
  • Start of Bronze Age in Europe

  • First known law code is made in Urukagina

  • Horses are introduced to Ireland

    Can help Ireland people with work and travel
  • Bow made of wood and a horn is made in North Mesopotamia

    For warfare
  • Great Pyramid is made for Egyptian Pharoah

  • First temple is constructed in Peru

    Shows Peru is religious
  • First spotting of Egytian literature

    found written on papyrus, in ink
  • First large town is created at the former site known as Troy

  • Argicultire begins at an oasis in Arabia

  • Evidence of first wheeled vehicle in Poland

    Transported agriculture, people, etc.
  • The "fast wheel" was invented in Mesopotamia

  • First fortified town is built in Egypt

    Protected town from invaders.
  • First pottery is made in Guyana, to carrt water and such

  • Wheels are invented in Mesopotamia

    Wheels help workers move heavy objects from place to place
  • Donkeys are domesticated in Egypt

    Egytians can now use donkeys for help with farms and other stuff Llamas and alpacas are also domesticated in Peru for help too