History of Technology

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    History of technology

    This is a timrlinr that inlcudes 10 things that were invented after my birthday
  • Interner radio sold worldwide

    Interner radio sold worldwide
    The internet radio enables people for excample in Hong Kong to listen to the radio from their home countries. But it only works if you are plugged in to your intenet function or it is wireless.
  • XBOX

    This game consule is mostely used by boys. It come with a remote that is plugged into the XBOX but is is attached to the TV.
  • Wirless mouse released

    Wirless mouse released
    The wirless mouse comes with a usb that you insert into your laptop/computer so that you can have a mouse without having to watch out that you dont pull it out.
  • Nintendo was released

    Nintendo was released
    This is a portable game consule that you put small chips in. It comes in many different colours.
  • The WII was released

    The WII was released
    A game consule that is connected to the TV was released. The creaters are Nintendo. it is quite different to the XBOX but it is different in many different ways.
  • High tech Air con used in Hong Kong malls

     High tech Air con used in Hong Kong malls
    In most malls in Hong Kong they use HIGH TECH aircons. Which are much faster and better than others. They also says it makes the air much better than the streets of Hong Kong.
  • First electric car sold

    First electric car sold
    The electric car does not need oil, gas or petrol. It just needs to be charged depending on how much you use it.
  • FIrst Convinient Power Wirless charger shipped to Australia

    FIrst Convinient Power Wirless charger shipped to Australia
    A wirlees Charger comes with a sleeve that you put around your phone. You pplug in your plate. Then when you come home from work you can jsut drop your device on the plate and it starts charging.
  • Ipad brought to Hong Kong

    Ipad brought to Hong Kong
    The Ipad is made from the same company as the Itouch (apple). It is a touch screen laptop that is way lighter and has allot more features but has less memory. You can also download music and do many more things.
  • Itouch Camera brought to the markets

    Itouch Camera brought to the markets
    The itocuh 4 is an updated version of the itouch. The itouch 4 has a camera on the front of the itouvh and on the screen. On this device you can play games and download allot of music.