History of Radio

  • First Radio Signal Sent

    Marconi is credited with sending the first ever radio signal. No one is sure if he was actually the first, he was just credited for it.
  • Audion Tube

    Lee De Forest created the audion tube. It acted as an amplifier to send radio signals farther than before. This allowed boats to remain in contact with the shore when out at sea.
  • First Radio Station

    KDKA became the first public radio station. Frank Conrad was the founder, the radio station is still around today in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Uncle Charlies

    There were no resrictions on radio systems, so if you had the money and time, you could create your own radio boradcasts. These were known as Uncle Charlies and they casued confusion due to crossing signals.
  • The Rise of Commercials

    A 10min commercial was aired for $50, it was advertising an apartment complex. Aired on WEAF station.
  • FRC Created

    The FRC (now known as the FCC) was created to stop Uncle Charlies from limiting the advertisments and censor the radio. Organized the liscensing of transistors.
  • Period: to

    Golden Age of Radio

    During the Great Depression, radios brought people and famlies together. Radio shows and music were broadcasted and the radio became a large part of the average person's lifestyle.
  • Television

    Television was created and radio shows converted. Though it wasn't the same, people switched to T.V. for entertainment. This made radio switch to primairly music in order to stay alive and keep its listeners.
  • Today's Music

    With internet radio (e.g. Pandora, iTunes, and SeriousXM) classic radio is becoming absolete.