History of radio

  • the fisrt radio signals

    Marconi created radio and sent the first radio wayves and receved them as well. there are some theries that he didn't do this first becuse back then in order to gain creadit for an invention all you had to do was advertise your self and every body would say it was you. even if you didnt do it you could get credit.
  • the fist amplifier

    at about this time a canadin inventor created it but it apearenty wasent enuf to get him into the history books. meaning he was forever lost in history
  • radio saves hundreds of lives

    now am sure you saw the date and thoght "oh titanic what does that have to do with radio?" well ill tell you. when the titanic crashed into the iceburg the captin sent a message to shore and told them that they were sinking and they were able to rescue some of the people on the ship.
  • fisrt radio station

    the fisrt radio station was KDKA and the way they played music was by taking the mic. and puting it up to the "speaker" and they are still around today.(sponcer)
  • Period: to

    uncle charlie/ FRC

    way back then if you had the equipment to do it and you wanted to have your own station you could keep it running then you could have your own station but that soon stoped b/c advertisments werent being herd by the buyers and companies lost money becuase of this
  • dawn of the dretful comertials

    the first comertials were around this time and this is how radio stations made their money. but b/c of uncle charlie alot of thies ads didnt get heard and companyes were mad.
  • Period: to

    golden age of radio

    around this time is when radio was in its prime every one was listening to it b/c it was famly friendly