History of Computers

Timeline created by joeberry12
  • First Computer

    It was created by Charles Babbage, he called it the difficult machine
  • first electronic computer

    first electronic computer
    it was created by John Backus. electronic resistor slowy replaced by vacuum tubes
  • first mouse

    created by Douglas Engelbart. at the stanford reasearch inistituite he created it with his assistant Bill English
  • Interet launched

    it was created by Robert k Kahn. it was started being created by the Pentagon's advanced reasearch projects.
  • First email

    the very first message sent on and email was '2' it was sent by Ray Tomlinson
  • First 3d computer game

    The first computer game was called monster dash. it was published by J K Greye.
  • Netflix

    Netflix is a company that offers movie rental or purchase a movie. you can now subcribe to netflix and pay a fee every month for free movies. You can use netflix on games consoles, phones, tvs and more.
  • Facebook was first created

    Facebook was first created
    it was created by Mark Zuckerberg. in America. January 3rd 2014 facebook got accused of selling privite information.
  • whatsapp

    Founded in the heart of silicon Valley, there are 430 million of monthly users.72% of whatsapp users check whatsapp everyday. whatsapp process 50 billion messages. Per day whatsapp 500 million images are sent a day. facebook bought whatsapp for 19 billion dollars.
  • Instagram

    Instagram is a social networking site that allows you to post pictures to people that follow you on it.
  • oculus rift

    oculus rift
    The Oculus rift is a kind of helmet that you put on your head and it feels like you are in it and there are things like sky divving and rollercoster ride and it seems like you are in it.
  • First Smart TV

    First Smart TV
    a smart tv dosen't only allow you to watch normal TV but it lets you access the internet so you can go on youtube, Netflix etc.
  • Lizard Squad

    Lizard Squad
    Lizard squad are a group of hackers that hacked xbox and PSN and they got arrested.
  • Google glass

    Google glass
    The Google glass costs over £1,000 and is a phone, computer and more all in one.
  • fifa 15

    fifa 15
    Fifa 15 is a game that you can play on Playstation and xbox and PC. it is a football game that is a REALLY good game.
  • PS4

    The PS4 is a games console that you can play games on and play online, it costs £349.99. recently some of psn's data has been leaked.
  • driving a car with your watch

    driving a car with your watch
    You can use your smartwatch to get your car to come closer to you and when it is close enough it will automatically stop the car is a BMw i3.
  • Drivless car

    Drivless car
    the driveless car is a car that drives itself! and when you are sitting in it you are sitting opposite each other