The Texas Revolution

  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    The battle that started the Texas Revolution, where it was Mexico vs Texas. Mexico had 100 troops, while Texan forces were 150 men. Expectedly, Texas won, but the Mexicans won't give up, and there will be more battles soon.
  • Battle of Goliad

    Battle of Goliad
    This is the 2nd battle of the Texas Revolution, in which Mexican Forces had only 50 soldiers, while the Texian Rebels had 250% of that, with 125 militia. 1 Mexican soldier was wounded, and 1-3 Texan men were killed, and 3-7 Texan men were wounded. However, because of the difference in forces, expectedly, the Texians won.
  • Siege of Bexar

    Siege of Bexar
    The 3rd battle of the Texas Revolution, like all of the other ones, was Texas versus Mexico. Mexico had 1200 men, abut Texas only had half of that. However the Texan Rebels still won the war, with 35 soldiers killed, wounded, or captured. Mexico, however suffered much larger casualties, with 150 men lost.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    This is the 4th battle of the Texan Revolution, and Mexico had 2000 - 2100 men, which was much, much more than the Texans had, which was 185 - 260. The Mexicans had 400 - 600 men killed, wounded, or captured, while the Texans' losses were much more severe compared to their army, as their whole army was killed, wounded, or captured, aside or a few people, leading to Mexican Victory.
  • Battle of Coleto

    Battle of Coleto
    At the beginning of the 5th battle of the Texas Revolution, Mexican forces were only 340, but they quickly got backup, and then they had much more than the measly 400 that the Texans. Both sides had about 10 men killed, and about 65 wounded during the battle, but all the Texan troops that were not wounded or killed were executed at the Goliad Massacre
  • Goliad Massacre

    Goliad Massacre
    This isn't a battle, but instead, over 300 Texan men were killed after the Battle of Coleto.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto

    The Battle of San Jacinto
    This is the battle where Mexico had 1,360 men, and Texas had only 910, but Texan forces only had 11 killed, and 30 wounded, compared to the Mexican casualties, of 650 men killed, 208 wounded, and 300 captured. This was the final Texan victory, that concluded the Texas Revolution.