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  • 2 The Purchase of Alaksa

    2 The Purchase of Alaksa
    Alaska seem to be a waste of money to everyone, except William Seward. William Seward it was a chance to expand on imperialism. William Seward purchase Alaska for 7.2 million dollars. The importance of this event was the land we purchased was full od minerals, timber, and oil. It was a giant gain of natural reasurces.
  • 3 Militarism

    3 Militarism
    All nations wanted the best army. Many nations spent a lot of money to make themselves better. Some nations fought back and forth to see who had the best and biggest army. All of these nations gathered armies before a world war that they didn't know was coming.
  • 2 U.S.S. Maine

    2 U.S.S. Maine
    A ship president Mckinley sent to Cuba to bring American citizens home from fighting. After the U.S.S. Maine exploaded Americans outraged. The ship exploading was the final pull factor of the Spanish American War. This was good for imperialism because we entered the war because of it and it gave us two colonies after the win.
  • 2 Open Door Notes

    2 Open Door Notes
    These were notes sent to other imperialist nations proposing to them that the nations share trading rights with the U.S. Not one country could hold a monoply trade with any part of China. All other countries accepted. This trade could have been shut down with some countries and without supplies it could of hurt us fataly in more ways than one.
  • 1 The Jungle

    1 The Jungle
    The author of, "The Jungle" was Upton Sinclair. The public looked into the meat packing industry because of this novel. The meat inspection act happend the same year the novel was published. This was good because it got people into the progressive movement
  • 2 Voyage of the Great White Fleet

    2 Voyage of the Great White Fleet
    The construction of the great white fleet was important to the imperial age. To be an imperial power you need to have a navy. With this navy the U.S. can finally be in the picture of an imperial power
  • 1 Payne Aldrich Tariff

    1 Payne Aldrich Tariff
    The tariff was a compromise that moderated high rates of the aldrich bill. This angered Roosevelt and Progressives who thought he banned Progressivism. This got the election in 1912 so heated.
  • 1 Bull Moose Party

    1 Bull Moose Party
    This was a progressive party that Theodor Roosevelt set up during election. This party split the ruplican party into two. Since the party was split into two the votes were split. This gave Woodrow Wislon an unfair advantage. This led to the election of Wilson which was good because he was a progressive president and later was a good leader of World War 1
  • 2 Panama Canal Completed

    2 Panama Canal Completed
    The Panama Canal was a quick safe way to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean instead of going all the way around South American. On August 15, 1914 the first ships passed through. This is good for imperialism America because this will allow the U.S. to have a 2 ocean Navy easily.
  • 3 Lusitania

    3 Lusitania
    This was a British Liner that carried American lives. German U-Boats have sank ships before with Americans on them but this was snaping point for America. Out of the 1,198 people lost, 128 of them were American. This outraged America.
  • 3 Convoy System

    3 Convoy System
    The Convy System used Heavy Guards of destroyers to escort merchant ships back and forth to the Atlantic Ocean. This act made German U-Boats mad because we could trade good without any worry
  • 3 Zimmerman Note

    3 Zimmerman Note
    The telegram from the German embassador in Maxico that was intercepted by the British. The telegram proposed an alliance between Maxico and German. This made Woodrow Wilson angry and made him go into war with Germany
  • 3 14 point speech

    3 14 point speech
    The first 5 points of speech were to prevent another war. The next 8 points dealt with boundary changes. The final point of speech was called for the league of nations. In order to get everyone to follow all 14 points of speech we had to sign a paper called, "Treaty of Versaile." The Speech never worked. If everyone followed through it would have changed the future.
  • 1 19th Amendment

    1 19th Amendment
    The Amendment was adopted in 1919. This allowed Women to vote. This was progressive because the rights of men and women are are the same.
  • 1 Prohibition

    1 Prohibition
    The banning of Alcohol beverages. It helped people getting their lives back on track. Prohibition was good because it cleaned up the town and made the town a more safer place