• Lenin is arrested

    for his political ideas and movements
  • October Manifesto

  • Creelman Interview

    James Creelman Interview with Porfirio Díaz, Talking about the government and the country
  • Serdan Family was Attacked

    accused of having weapons, this event is classified as the beginning of the revolution
  • Diaz resignation

    and Francisco Leon de La Barra becomes the intern president of Mexico for while
  • Alexei recived the last sacramentum

  • Genral Mondragon released Díaz

    and marched on the National Palace with Reyes
  • Huerta change sides

    and dispathced general Blanquet to arrest the president
  • Archiduke murdered

    Francis Ferdinand is murdered by a member of the Black Hand
  • Huerta resigned the leadership

    for the Battle of Zacatecas
  • Austria vs. Serbia

    Austria declared war on Serbia, two days later, Russia get ready to fight
  • Germany vs. Russia

    Russia didn't follow the orders of Germany, so they declared the war
  • Britian starts to fight

    GB join the war, fighting with the allies
  • Czar to fight, Rasputin to provide

    the czar went to the fight, leaving his wife Alexandra in charge, she trusted Rasputin on important decisions
  • Zimmerman telegram

    a propose made by Germany, trying to convince Mexico to attack U.S.A
  • The czar abdicated

  • Bolshevik Leaders arrived from Europe

    giving three options to th egovernment, 1° Kerensky's democracy 2° Military dictartoship 3° Socialist government
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    Russia withdrew from the war signing the treaty with Germnay
  • Germany armistice

    Germnany agreed to the armisitice terms
  • Zapata is murdered

    By people from Carranza
  • U.S.S.R is created

    Anti-religious and with cenorship were the principal characteristics
  • Pancho Villa is murdered

    with a plan from the general Calles and the colonel Lara
  • Black Tuesday

    This led to the Great Depression
  • Trotsky is murdered

    by an assasin paid by Stalin
  • Stalin takes the power

    When Lenin died, a new leader emerged