Hillsboro Food Co-op History

  • Initial Meeting

    Jessica, Karen and Maggie met for the first time to get things rolling! We talked about what a food co-op is and what our vision is. We also decided that our first step should be to recruit more people to form a Steering Committee. We knew that we'd need to have some public meetings soon! In the coming weeks, we'd be busy learning more about starting food co-ops and preparing for our first public meetings.
  • First Public Meeting

    On April 11th and April 13th, we held two public meetings to explain what we are hoping to do in Hillsboro, assess interest, and drum up a Steering Committee. We had around 30 people attend the meetings, and a good number expressed interest in helping. We also asked people what they are hoping that the co-op would provide. People had all sorts of wonderful ideas: Community, connection to farmers, educational opportunities, good food, volunteer opportunities, and more!
  • First Steering Committee Meeting

    At this first meeting we started to get to know each other and our reasons for sharing the common goal of opening a food co-op in Hillsboro. With only six people present at the meeting, we decided to give it one more meeting before officially deciding how to advance. In the meantime, we researched to learn more about what we were getting into!
  • Second Steering Committee Meeting

    With seven people committing to the Steering Committee by this point, we decided to plow forward. We agreed to call our co-op "Hillsboro Food Co-op", and we split into three committees (Planning, Finance, and Membership) to carry out the tasks that needed to be done. Things were rolling!
  • Period: to

    Sorting out legal details

    As of this writing, we have been working to incorporate as a cooperative in the state of Oregon. We have a draft of our Articles and our Bylaws, and we are working to find an attorney who will help us make sure that we proceed wisely.
  • First Chair Meeting

    The chairs of each committee meet together to make sure that everyone is on the same page. We share what we have done so far, and we collaborate to make sure that each committee is doing what needs to be done next. At the first meeting, we got a firm grasp on what each committee's first tasks should be.
  • Mission and Values agreed upon

    The Planning Committee agreed upon our Mission and Values. To view these, visit our blog: http://hillsborofoodcoop.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html
  • Period: to

    Planning, Membership and Finance Committees First Meetings

    A lot of firsts this month! Each committee met for the first time to start getting to know each other, planning, and splitting up tasks. The Planning Committee is working on incorporating and starting a business plan. The Membership Committee is working on getting a logo and planning a community event in August.
  • We incorporated!!

    We're official now!