HHG Lisa's Timeline

By Lisamw
  • Birth

    Physical- This is because babies are tangible objects.
    Emotional- This is because entering the world you are exploring new thoughts and emotions.
  • First step

    First step
    The first step in a person's life represents physical and a little emotional milestone in my life. This is due to the fact that there is new movement being known to the baby. This makes the baby feel excited and emotional.
  • First word

    First word
    First words are a road to communication. This has a social aspect because it leads to opportounities for advancement in the future.
  • First birthday cake

    First birthday cake
    This is a physical because you are able to hold the object that made the event happen.
  • first day of school

    first day of school
    This event is both an emotional and social milestone. Its emotional because you don't really know what your getting yourself into(tests, assignments, rules ect). You start feeling different emotions when interacting with classmates.
  • Jobshadowed Mayor Carl Zehr

    Jobshadowed Mayor Carl Zehr
    This is intelectual, and social. During the day spent with Carl Zehr many informative mental notes were taken, aswell as going to various event in which he gave some speeches/meet&greets.
  • Got Silver In Lacrosse

    Got Silver In Lacrosse
    This was a physical event because motion of the body was required.
  • Got silver a second time in Lacrosse

    Got silver a second time in Lacrosse
  • Went to Iowa for Muay Thai

    Went to Iowa for Muay Thai
    Iowa is located in USA. This is a physical event because it has to do with motion of the body and tangible objects/features.
  • First Job

    First Job
    I got my first Job at zehrs working in the salad bar. This is emotional, physical and social. Work sometimes gets overloaded, and causes alot of stress. Physically you are transporting alot of boxes ect. This is also social, because you deal with customers/employees.
  • Got an E-Bike

    Got an E-Bike
    I got my first mode of transportation! Almost 100km now. This is a physical event because it is tangible.
  • Got my G1

    Got my G1
    This was an emotional and intelectual event because alot of studying and time was involved throughout the process.
  • First car

    First car
    I just got my gold chrysler sebring convertible a couple days ago, this is a physical event- because this is a tangible object. This is also an emotional milestone because because its a feeling of independence.