• Subway hero

    I watch a video about the subway hero. My definition of a hero is anyone who goes out of their way to make some elses life better. My hero growing up was always my Grandmother, Dotty. She was insirational in so many ways
  • Roy

    We learned about Roy B. and it changed my thoughts on heroes because it showed me that heroes can come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Interview with Kristi Quillen

    I learned more about how we were suppose to condust our interview but this didn't change my definition of a hero.
  • literature heros

    We discussed in groups heros in literature and whether the charaters or the authers were the heros.I found that both the auther and the charaters were heros because the charaters inspired and touch the hearts of many while the authers, a lot of the times, expressed ideas uncommon or frowned upon during their time period.
  • Found hero

    i found the hero I was looking for. his name is Rick Rescorla
  • Class work

    We better discribed heros and what that means by puting people that are heros in one way or another into catigories. This changed how I saw heroes because now i saw that heroes could also be inspirational leaders.
  • Class work

    We listened to two totally different songs on the views of how we do live our lives and how we should. This didn't change my idea of a hero at all.
  • Class work

    We asked and answered questions about our generation and what we are doing to help the world. We listened to a poem and a song about our generation and what our futures wil hold. this just supported the definition of a hero I already had.