Heroes Of Olympus-TheSon of Neptune

  • The Beginning

    Percy is being chased by monsters through california. He is a demigod but has amnesia so he cannot remember anything about his past except for a few things that was told to him.
  • Safe Haven

    Percy makes it to a Roman camp that is considered a haven for demigods. There he meets and befriends Frank ans Hazel.
  • Hazel's Past

    We learn that Hazel's mother thought of her as poisoned becuase she was cursed. Her curse causes riches from the underground to be brought to the surface whenever she is anxious or stays in one place to long. Horrible things happen to people who touch these riches. We also learn thatbshe is the daughter of Pluto.
  • the Battle Games

    We learn aout Franks past next. His mother had died in a war. She did not know who his father was.When they were playing Battle Games with other campers Percy and his friends win the game for his team.
  • A Problem

    Frank learns that his father was Mars. Mars informs the camp that the door to the underworld has been opened allowing people who have died to live again. They are tasked with defending the camp becuase this will make the monsters that want to destroy it Immortal.
  • The Solution

    In order to keep the door to the underworld closed they will need to free Thanatos from a giant. Thanatos is the one who controls the gates.
  • The Secret

    We learn that Hazel actually died 70 years ago. She is living again becuase the doorway to the underworld has opened and is sent on this quest to basically die. This would mean she only has five days to live if they succeed.
  • Going to Alaska

    They fina plane owned by a legacy of rome who takes them to Alaska.
  • Finding Thanatos

    they reach hubbard glacier and find Thanatosw who's chains cannot be broken unless melted with the fires of life.Frank helps to free Thanatos but afterwards during a fight Percy falls off of the glacier when the ice around hims tarts to crack.
  • Finding Percy

    After killing the giant Frank and Hazel find Percy unharmed in the place where he fell off the glacier. He comments on the fall saying it was no big deal and that he had fallen off of higher places.They take the weapons that they found knowing that they could help at the camp if they made it in time.
  • Victory

    During the trip back to the camp Percy regains his memory. When they get to the camp they find that it is under sttack. Percy challenges the giant Polybotes and wins with the help of Terminus the god of boarders.
  • The Dream

    Percy later has a dream in which Hera tells him to convince the Roman camp to join with the Greek camp. After some persuasion the camp agrees.