Hero Timeline

  • Free-Write Subway story

    Free-Write Subway story
    The first day we started researching heroes, we learned about Wesley Autrey and how he risked his life and showed bravery. This day I experienced what the true meaning of an hero is, a man who is not only loyal, but is willing to risk his own life for another.
  • Roy Benavidez

    Roy Benavidez
    This is the day we learned about a young man in war, who took the risk to save his friends. My view about heroes stayed the same because I now had two examples of both Wesley Autrey and Roy Benavidez who deserved their titles as heroes.
  • Interview: Kristi Quillen

    Interview: Kristi Quillen
    We saw an interview between Kristi and our teachers, Mrs.Simmons and Mrs. Allen. Kristi had moved to Costa Rica as a Peace Corps Volunteer, which proved to me that there are some people in this world that deserve to be known as an hero for sacraficing exciting things in life to help out people.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
    We had read an paragraph on how anybody could be an example of a hero, whether it would be the author or even the inspirational person who the author wrote about.
  • Period: to

    Hero Research

    We began choosing our heroes and going to the library to find a biography on our hero. I had choose Aga Khan IV, but not being able to find a biography on him, I had changed my hero to Lance Armstrong. I had looked everywhere from Barnes & Nobles to Books a Million for a hero, Which at least i found.
  • Period: to

    "Change the World" powerpoint

    We had this day to listen to different songs and answer some questions with our group. An example of a type of song we had listen to was how nobody in the world tries to change the world, they wait for it to happen on its own.
  • First Blog Post due: How I Chose My Subject

    First Blog Post due: How I Chose My Subject
    This was our first blog in which we wrote a paragraph on why we choose our hero, our interests of our hero, and if someone had given advice to us. I had chose Lance Armstrong, who inspired me about the fight to cancer and the experiences as a cyclist.
  • DEAR

    We had free time to read our books and learn more about our hero and the choices and experiences they had gone through. Reading more about Lance Armstrong really did teach me more valuable aspects like motivation.
  • Second Blog Post: Heroes in Literature

    Second Blog Post: Heroes in Literature
    This was our second blog that we had to have turned in, in which we wrote an essay about what our ideas of heroes are, who were our childhood heroes, what defines an hero, and what we had learned about heroes in literature. I had elaborated about what i think a defintion of a hero is, and how my deceased uncle had been my hero.
  • DEAR

    Again this was a chance to read our books a little bit more until we had finished. I had almost completed the whole book by this day and overall the book had given me a new understanding of heroes. A more broader understanding.
  • A paragraph to share

    A paragraph to share
    I was the last person to present. I had presented a paragraph from my book about how Lance Armstrong was lucky to have such a miracle happen to him. I had explained how he had fought through such problems to get over his cancer and how he never gave up or complained. He had total determination.
  • Third Blog: Timeline

    The day Im working on the timeline thinking about all the experiences I went through to find out more about the definition of hero.