Hero Project- Tim Burton

  • Free Write/ Subway Hero

    Free Write/ Subway Hero
    In class I wrote my definition of a hero and we watched a video on the "Subway Hero"- Wesley Autry. I would define a hero as someone who goes out of their way to help others or make a change for the greater good.
  • Roy Benavidez

    Roy Benavidez
    We listened to Mrs.Allen read an exerpt about Roy Benavidez, a Veitnam War veteran. In my opinion, Mr. Benavidez would be considered a hero. I cannot fathom the amount of beavery and courage it takes to rescue numerous people while your own life is at stake.
  • Peace Corps Volunteer Interview

    Peace Corps Volunteer Interview
    In class we watched an interview recorded between Mrs.Allen, Mrs.Wase, and the Peace Corps volunteer, Kristi Quillen. It affirmed my origional concept of what it takes to become a hero, yet it brought a new light on how you can become one. You don't always have to literally risk your life, but you have to come out of your comfort zone. Putting others before yourself is what being a hero is all aout.
  • Heros in Literature

    Heros in Literature
    In class with the substitute, we read over excerpts of lituature and decided if the charater was the hero of the story or if the author was the hero for putting the words in that character's mouth. I decided that the characters are the heros because anyone could have written those words one paper, it was the traits and values that brought them to life. The characters did the actions. They have adapted their own persona that people can identify with; the author simply put it all into a book.
  • Library Research

    Library Research
    At the school library during class, I searched for biographies on Tim Burton. It turns out that the school library and Fort Bend library both did not have a book written soley for him, so I bought one off of amazon.com.
  • Online Article Research

    Online Article Research
    In the library I researched two articles on Tim Burton I could use later in the project.
  • "Chalk Talk"/Power Poin Notes

    "Chalk Talk"/Power Poin Notes
    In class we analyzed the different attributes that can make up a hero. We then categorized many people into their own list with people who share the same 'hero attributes' as they do.
    Also, we took notes on child heros and found it hard to categorize them with the other heros we analyzed.
  • First Blog Post- How I Chose My Hero

    First Blog Post- How I Chose My Hero
    Originally I chose Danny Elfman, a composer, to research for this project. It came to me out of thin air (Tim Burton also poped in to mind shortly after). I was quickly dissapointed when there were no availables biographies on him. I went with choice B, a great choice at that since he and Danny Elfman collaborate on manny projects.
  • New Book

    New Book
    My book from amazon.com arrived in the mail today. I made a huge mistake in getting this book because it is literally all about Tim Burton's filmography instead of his biography. I ordered his autobiography and it should be in shortly.
  • Second Blog Post- Heros In Literature

    Second Blog Post- Heros In Literature
    In this post I explored iconic heros in literature and made connections to my personal heros (my parents). I expressed that I feel there is a difference between a role model and a hero.
  • Reaffirmation

    In class we shared an excerpt from the books and articles we are using to reasearch with on our heros. I gained insight on other people's oppinions of what they consider a hero to be. It confremed my original thoughts.
  • Catchinhg Up

    Catchinhg Up
    My new book arrived and it is very intriguing. I am catching up on my reading and I'm finding out there there is a difference betwwen a hero and an ispirational person. Tim Burton would be classified as an ispiring person by my standards instead of a hero.