Jonas salk

Hero Project- Dr. Jonas Salk

  • Subway Hero

    Subway Hero
    The first day we heard about the Hero Project, and learned about the subway hero, Wesley Autrey, who saved a man's life. At first, i thought that a hero was someone who had to save another's life.
  • Why Courage Matters by John McCain

    Why Courage Matters by John McCain
    We read the first chapter of Why Courage Matters by John McCain about the brave Roy Benavidez who saved eight lives. Today, I added to my definition of a hero. A hero must be brave, and save another's life.
  • Kristi Quillen

    Kristi Quillen
    We watched part of the interview with Kristi Quillen who is a volunteer in Peace Corps. I expanded my definition of a hero to someone who is also caring, willing to help others, and does not expect anything in return.
  • Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman
    I decided on Harriet Tubman to be my hero for the project because she was a true hero and fits both my original and my changed definitions of a hero. She is brave, caring, saved lives, and she put others before herself.
  • Talked to Parents

    Talked to Parents
    I talked to my parents about the hero project and who I should choose to do my project on, and they persuaded me to do someone in the medical field.
  • Dr. Jonas Salk

    Dr. Jonas Salk
    I chose Dr. Jonas Salk the founder of the Polio vaccine to be my hero instead of Harriet Tubman because I am more interested in medicine and because I have already completed a project on Harriet Tubman. Plus, Salk has saved many lives so he fits at least one of the qualifications for sure.
  • Chalk Talk: Qualities of a Hero

    Chalk Talk: Qualities of a Hero
    We did a chalk talk and talked about a hero's qualities. We decided that heros should contribute, invent, saved lives, risked lives, and/or be compassionate. But this do not change my definition of a hero.
  • Watched Youtube Videos

    Watched Youtube Videos
    The video of Hugh Laurie was sending a message of the world not being able to change. The Year of the Rat video was about all you need to do is spread the love. Waiting on the World to Change by John Myer had a depressing tone and seeing the world in another prospective. The Liberty Mutual Ad was about the meaning of responsibility which is when people are doing the right thing.
  • Talked about Blog Post 2

    Talked about Blog Post 2
    Discussed the 2nd blog post on posterous, and brainstormed novels that could be used for the second blog post. Novels that contained heros, and I added books to the list with people i believe are heros.
  • DEAR

    Read the biography on my hero. I keep the qualities of what I think a hero is in my mind while i read to see if Salk meets these qualifications, and so far he fits my definition of a hero.
  • Shared Something on Biography

    Shared Something on Biography
    Today, we shared a passage with our class about our novel. My definition of a hero is still unchanged.