Hero Project

  • Subway Hero

    We learned about a spontaneous, heroic act of saving a stranger in a subway station which gave us an idea of the risks that people take to save a life. We later wrote our definition of a hero, inspiring thought in who might be a hero that we would like to research.
  • Period: to

    Hero Research Journey

  • "Why Courage Matters"

    We heard an astonishing excerpt from a book by John McCain telling about a man who risked everything for his country and fellow soldiers by taking many bullets in mid-battle while pulling injured soldiers out of burning wreckage and fighting Vietnamese soldiers to the death with nothing but a knife. This reading gave us a sense of heroism at its best and set new standards for being a hero.
  • Peace Corps

    We watched an interview with Kristi Quillen, a woman that gave it all up to go volunteer with the peace corps in an underprivliged country with little technology. This interview gave us a look at the sacrifices that come with being a hero.
  • Hero's Journey

  • Library Day 1

    We visited the library in hopes of checking out a book on our hero. Not surprisingly, the library did not contain a book about Lindsey Buckingham. However I was eventually able to buy the book that I was looking for online.
  • Library Day 2

    After I had realized that there was most likely not going to be a book at any sort of library on Lindsey Buckingham, I used my time to do research online and found many informative articles. This was a very useful day and it helped me belive that there actually was some information out there on my guitar hero.
  • Heroes in Literature

    We discussed the characters in literature that qualify as heroes. We tried to come to a conclusion on whether the character or the author was the real hero. The whole experience was inspiring, intriguing, and a little confusing.
  • Change The World Day 1

    We started this three day event with a chalk discussion on various people throughout history, put them into categories, and decided if they were true heroes. This made me realize that being a hero wasn't just saving people, but inspiring people too
  • Change The World Day 2

    We looked at various videos of songs and their meanings. There was a great variety of people's opinions of being a hero whether it was waiting, dropping everything and saving the world, or hugs. Either way I determined that people have many different views on social change.
  • Change The World Day 3

    After watching a video of the world's problems laid out, we made a list of problems and solutions. This made clear goals that the people that we look up to strive to solve.