Hero Project

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  • Hero Definition

    Hero Definition
    This was the very first day that we became aware of this hero project. Our assignment was to create our own definition of a hero. Now that I look back at it, it is a true statement, but it can include so much more.
  • Peace Corps Volunteer

    Peace Corps Volunteer
    During class we watched an inverview of Kristi Quillen who is a peace corps volunteer. She is a hero because she gives up being with her family and having the luxeries of electricity and warm water in order to help make the world a more peacful place.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
    In class we read a passage from Harper Lee's novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. The passage was from Atticus Finch's scene in the court room. This is one of his great heroic moments in the novel and helped my see that heroes sometimes put themselves at risk when protecting someone else.
  • Chose Amy Chua to be my hero

    Chose Amy Chua to be my hero
    The title of the book is Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. It is about an Asian mother living in the United States who tries to raise her children the Chinese way. I think this will be interesting because she starts out trying to be the hero in her childrens' lives and I'm curious to see if she succedes.
  • Essay Planning

    Essay Planning
    I was talking to my cousin who has already read my book and she helped me see that there are two different angles I could take when writing my essay.
  • Hero Groups

    Hero Groups
    In class we were given a list of many heroes. Our assignment was to put all of these heroes into groups. My groups were: religious, science, arts, and politiics. This helped me see all off the different types of heros in the world.
  • Posterous Post One

    Posterous Post One
    I wrote about and realized why Amy Chua is a great hero. She is very strong willed and commited to helping her children.
  • Videos about heroes

    Videos about heroes
    In class we watched a powerpoint that included some videos about heros including: Badly Drawn Boy- Year of the Rat, Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer, Lost Generation, and We Are The Youth of Today by Amy MacDonald. These videos helped me realize a lot of problems that we have in the world today.
  • Online resources

    Online resources
    I found my first online resourse.
  • Posterous Post Two

    Posterous Post Two
    I wrote about heroes in my life. My main hero is my dad. This helped me see that heroes are commonly teachers and role models for other people.
  • Passage from book

    Passage from book
    I chose my favorite passage from my book, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother", to share with the class
  • Chose person to interview

    Chose person to interview
    I had been thinking about interviewing an asian mother and then I was talking to my friend about it and she helped me realize that it would be even more interesting to interview the child.