Hero Journey

  • Free-write, Subway Story

    Today we began the Hero Journey project. Mrs. Allen came up with a few questiions about heroism for the class to answer, then showed us a video of the Subway hero, a man who risked his own life in order to save another person's life. I questioned myself whether or not the Subway "hero" could actually be described as a hero. I believe that even though it was a one-time occurence, his actions qualified as those of a hero.
  • Roy Benevidez

    Mrs. Allen introduced the class to another great example of a hero, Roy Benevidez, Roy risked his own life many times in a very short time period for the sake of his fellow soldiers. I agree that he is a hero, and this got me thinking about researching someone in the Navy for this hero project.
  • Interview with Kristi Quillen

    Mrs. Allen showed the class an example of an interview. She and Mrs. Simmons interviewed a former teacher, Kristi Quillen, who had decided to join the peace corps as a volunteer. However, this was interupted almost immediately by a severe weather warnning which cause us to stop what we were doing.
  • Interview with Kristi Quillen (cont.)

    We finished the recorded interview of Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Simmons with Krist Quillen. I found out that for the interview, the main thing for me to do is to just let the other person talk. I decided I will most likely interview my dad if I choose to research someone who was in the Navy as my hero.
  • Library Day

    We spent the class today in the library. My main objective was to find out who I was going to research. After searching Google for a while, I came across Roy Boehm, who was the very first Navy SEAL. I read a little about him online, and decided he would be a very interesting person to research. However, I wasn't sure if the library would have a biography on him since I hadn't even heard of him until that day.
  • Library Day

    We spent another class in the library today. As I was about to start looking for a biography on the library database, Miles called out to me. I looked over, and to my surprise he was holding up a book titled "First Seal." It turns out our library did have an autobiography on Roy Boehm, and Miles just happened to see it lying on a cart. Today I also created this Timetoast account and found one online article on Roy Boehm.
  • Heroes in Literature

    In class today we recieved a paper with various passages out of books we have read in the past. One example is a passage out of "To Kill a Mockingbird" describing Atticus. I wondered whether Atticus was the hero in that book or Harper Lee, and decided it was probably Lee for coming up with such a heroic character. The assignment made me think about all the examples of heroes I have come across in the past few years.
  • "Change the World" powerpoint

    We watched a youtube video today called, "Year of the Rat." It showed a lot of sad or angry people who became kinder when one man gave them a hug.. This video made me think a little differently about what a hero is. I suppose a hero could be classified as a person who goes out of their way to make other people feel better.
  • "Change the World" powerpoint

    In class we saw a youtube video called "Waiting for the World to Change." Students in class said what they thought the tone of the video was, although I disagreed with most of them, I thought the singer's tone was an unsatisfied one. It seemed like the singer was saying they are not satisfied with the way the world was, and they were waiting for it to change for them.
  • First Blog Post - How I Chose My Hero

    Today our first blog post for the hero project was due. I wrote about my process of finding a hero to research. So far, I am very glad that I chose Roy Boehm for my hero. His life is so interesting, and I am really enjoying reading his autobiography. From what I have learned about him so far, he was definately a heroic person.
  • 2nd Blog Post - Heroes in Literature

    My essay I wrote over heroes in literature was due today. In my essay I wrote that I believed Jean Valjean was the most heroic character I've come across so far in literature. I was thinking about if I thought Odysseus from the "Odyssey" could be considered a hero, and I guess in some ways he could. However, I think the driving force that motivated most of Odysseus's actions was the desire to regain his old power. Therefore, I don't think Odysseus could be considered a hero. in literature.
  • First Chapter Friday

    Today we began reading passages from our biographies that we thought were interesting. I enjoyed hearing who some of the other students were researching for their hero projects. I didn't actually present today, since we ran out of class-time.
  • First Chapter "Monday"

    In class today we continued with our passages from the biographies we are reading. I got to present today, and I chose a passage out of my book's introduction. The person speaking was not Roy Boehm, although he was talking about Roy. I chose my passage because it was a very brief summary of what Roy Boehm accomplished during his Naval career. Each day, as I read further and further into his autobiography, I become increasingly impressed and fascinated with what this man did with his life.