Hero: Jennifer Aniston

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  • Free Write/Subway Hero

    The first day we began researching heroes, my view of a hero was a person that saved anothers life, such as the subway hero. I wrote my free write with my narrow minded definition guiding the answers I wrote.
  • Roy Benevidez

    We read about a young man in war that risked his life to save his friends. My view of heroes stayed the same but I relized that some people earn the title of hero while others have it placed upon them.
  • Kristi Quillen

    We heard an interview between our teachers and Kristi Quillen, who selfless joined the peace corp to help improve other people's lives. This helped me understand what a sacrafice it can be to help another person.
  • Heroes In Literature

    We read a paragraph on how some characters could be considered heroes wether it was the author who wrote about them or the person who inspired the author to write. Heroes began to become any person who I had every looked up to, wether it was a fictional character or a real person.
  • Period: to

    Hero Research

    We began to research what people we could chose as heroes. It broaden my aspect of heroes and allowed me to view actors and role models as heroes too. I chose Jennifer Aniston as my hero.
  • Period: to

    Change The World power point

    We listened to some song and some poetry that talked about how no one acts to change the world we live in they just wait for it to change by itself. Heroes are anyone who speaks up for themselves or another person to change the situation we are in.
  • How I Chose My Subject

    We wrote a paragraph on why we chose our hero and how we chose our hero. My hero was a actress but she was also a role model to me and inspired me to become a better influence on people which is why I chose her as my hero.
  • DEAR

    We just read our books about our heroes which allowed me to understand more about how my hero came to be and why I chose her.
  • Heroes In Literature

    We wrote an essay on our views of the heroes in modern day society. It broaden my defenition of heroes and allowed me to see fictional characters such as Superman in a comic book and Atticus Finch in a novel as heroes that could inspire people to do more.
  • DEAR

    We just read our books about our heroes which allowed me to understand more about how my hero came to be and why I chose her.
  • Read Paragraph From Biography

    We told the class who our hero was, why they were our hero, and we read a paragraph from the book that we felt was important about our hero. This allowed the class to see how we individually viewed aspects of heroes.