Greek History

By NoahL26
  • Period: 2100 BCE to 2100 BCE

    Greek People

    The first Greek-speaking people arrive in the area now known as Greece 
  • Period: 776 BCE to 776 BCE


    First Olympic Games is held
  • Period: 700 BCE to 700 BCE


    The city-state of Athens is formed.
  • Period: 507 BCE to 507 BCE


    Athens becomes a Democracy 
  • Period: 490 BCE to 490 BCE

    Battle of Marathon

    Persia attacks Greece but is defeated at the Battle of Marathon
  • Period: 438 BCE to 447 BCE


    The Parthenon is built.
  • Period: 404 BCE to 431 BCE


    Athens at war with Sparta. Sparta defeats Athens
  • Period: 323 BCE to 323 BCE

    Alexander The Great

    Alexander the Greats Empire is divided into separate kingdoms, ending the Great Age of Greece 
  • Period: 323 BCE to 334 BCE

    Alexander again...

    BC Alexander the Great (A Macedonian) rules Greece, and defeats Persia, Syria, Egypt, and Afghanistan, but dies at the age of 32