London flag

Great Expectations

By lksells
  • Pip goes to London.

    Pip's guardian Mr. Jaggers takes him to London.
  • Jagger's Office

    Pip first goes to Jagger's office and it is crowded with people who want to see him.
  • Wemmick

    Pip meets Mr. Jaggers' clerk, Wemmick.
  • Herbert

    Wemmick introduces Pip to another gentleman, named Herbert Pocket. He was the kid that Pip fought in Mrs. Havisham's garden.
  • Roomates

    Pip and Herbert decide to live together.
  • Pip's Nickname

    Herbert gives Pip the nickname Handel.
  • Mrs. Havisham

    Herbert tells Pip the whole story of Mrs. Havisham's life.
  • Mrs. Havisham's Wedding

    During Herbert's story Pip found out that Mrs. Havisham's fiance ditched on their wedding, and left her a note telling her that he wouldn't marry her. She recieved the note at 8:40 which is when she stopped the clocks.
  • Royal Exchange

    Pip visits the Royal Exchange, which is the center of commerce for the city.
  • Matthew Pocket

    Pip goes to Matthew Pocket's house to get tutored and have dinner.
  • Pip's Peers

    Pip meets his fellow peers, Benteley Drummle and Startop.
  • Courtroom

    Pip sees Jaggers in the courtroom, and he is a menacing force.
  • Wemmick's House

    Pip goes to Wemmick's house for dinner and it is like a dream.
  • Jagger's House

    Pip goes to dinner at Jagger's house with his peers and his house is dark and gloomy.
  • Ungrateful Loan

    Drummle takes an ungrateful loan from Startop, and Jagger's warns Pip to stay away from Drummle.