Government Establishment

  • First colony to set foot on Hypeland

    The group of colonists were suppose to sail to the neighboring country but was re-routed due to a bad storm. They woke up on shore and made a colony.
  • Equality

    People began claiming territories and settling. Although people were claiming to much territory, the first war was fought due to too much land ownership.
  • Creation of government and first law

    After months of fighting, they realized that they should compromise or there would be little to no life left. Every territory had an elected representative that was in a group of members.
  • Civic rights

    To make sure everyone was equal, a document stating citizen's rights was created. it stated the basic rights of a citizens. The right to vote, the right to trial someone only with evidence, the right to petition, and various other rights.
  • The first trials

    William Forknot was the first criminal. Murder was happening all over the territories. Finally the man was caught and the members created a judicial branch. This branch would have 3 judges, appointed from the members. There would be a deciding vote on what to do with his murderer. The vote was 3 out of 3 on executing this man.
  • Period: to

    The first aid

    During this time, a drought was occurring. Some territories were being affected by this drought, so the members created a law that stated "When a territory is in need of aid, all groups must come to help with basic needs. Such as food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Power

    Citizens were afraid that the government had to much power. So they talked to each of their representatives about it. The issue was brought to the board of members, that day they created 1 more branch. This branch would be created for the people, a branch of referendum. What this branch would do is create laws and pass them down to the board of members and then the board of members would either pass or deny these laws.
  • Invasion of Sony

    The first invasion on our nation had occurred and we were not ready. We had never thought another colony would find or try to establish a settlement on our land. We did have weapons at the time but we did not know we would need them. So the Sonata colony ambushed our Sony territory and we did not know until we a message was sent. That night we gathered as many men as we could and fought against the Sonata colony.
  • Victory

    We fought off the Sonata colony and they surrendered. The surviving Sonata people were used as slaves and that is when we created our army. This army was made to be ready for any future wars.
  • Evovled

    The population was increasing over the years and government had to change also. They members of the states created an amendment that stated " As our nation grows so should the government, new laws may be created in order to stay in line with the challenges ahead."