Gold Rush

By Harry S
  • Steam engines

    There was a huge demand for picks, shovels and and other tools and when it became necessary to mine gold steam engines came into use.
  • Gold Rushes

    The gold rush in New South Wales and Victoria bought not only wealth but population growth.
  • Steam engines in Ballarat

    There were 13 steam engines at this time
  • Cast Iron Foundry

    Scott Clow and Prebble opened the first cast iron foundry to help with the maintenence and repairs of machines.
  • Steam engines in Ballarat

    There were 135 steam engines in use.
  • Steam engines in Ballarat

    342 steam engines in use at this time and they were mainly used to pump water out of the mines.
  • Ballarat foundries

    In 1861 Bllarat had ten foundries, eight for mining equipment and two for producing and repairing farming equipment.
  • Financial Boost

    Gold gave Australia a huge financial boom when the infrustructure for development for an industrial society wasput in place.
  • Period: to


    A severe recession occurred in Australia, slowing industrialisation.