Global Social Issuse 4 Agents

By KMiller
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    4 Agents timespan

  • Birth/toddler- mass media

    Birth/toddler- mass media
    I used to watch rolley polley olley when I was very young which taught me how to be polite and restpectful to family and friends.
  • Birth/toddler-Family

    My family had been showing me the movements of walking and spent time supporting me while I mimick what they showed me.
  • Birth/toddler -Peers

    I encountered another baby at a family gathering which at first kind of scared me, but I got used to it and he started playing with toys that I had never seen before. Which inturn influenced me to ask my parents to get me some of the toys I played with.
  • Toddler/Preschool-First day of daycare/early school

    On the first day of preschool I cried because I had not been used to being around so many strange people without my parents. This interaction taught me how to act in society with unfamiliar people.
  • Toddler/Preschool-massmedia

    Every day in preschool and day care they would read us books. Things that would teach us morals like Clifford the Big Red Dog. These taught me to respect peoples property, feelings, and opinions.
  • Toddler/Preschool-Family

    On 9/11 I was confused about what was happening, and I was very scared. My mom explained what was going on and comforted me by reasuring that I wasn't in danger.
  • Toddler/Preschool-Peers

    When I first went to preschool I was very uncomfortable and felt out of place. But my peers were very accepting and kind to me. Which taught me to not be afraid of meeting new people.
  • Elementary-Family

    Around this age my I looked up to my brothers and sisters a lot, which influenced the way I am today. For example I would go into my sisters room and listen to her music, and to this day I still listen to that music.
  • Elementary-Peers

    By hanging out with friends I learned what was "cool" and what wasn't, like clothes. Every time someone got a new shirt they would show it to everyone and later I would ask my mother for one like it.
  • Elementary-School

    On this day I was told I only had 1 minute to use the bathroom, so I chose to sprint all the way to the bathroom so I wouldn't get into trouble. Instead I ended up running into a teacher on the way there who yelled at me for running in the halls. This confrontation taught me to not run in public places.
  • Elementary-Massmedia

    A new G.I. Joe had just come out and my birthday was in a few days. When ever I watched T.V. I would see a commercial for it, and each time I would want it more. Massmedia is the only reason I got that toy and many of my other things.
  • Middleschool-School

    On the first day of middleschool, I was very nervous. I had never been around so many people that I didn't know. At first I was shy but once everyone was told to introduce themselves, I could find common intrests with them and become friends. This is a strategy I use a lot around strangers
  • Middleschool-Peers

    By now in the school year everyone had established their own social groups, which everyone still does as freshmen. Like the jocks, preps or popular people who have the most influence on others.
  • Middleschool-Family

    By this time My family didn't have much of an influence on me, because I spent more time away from them and with friends.
  • Middleschool-Massmedia

    The biggest influence on me in the media category is the internet. For example social networks like Facebook and Youtube. from these networks, I am informed on whats cool to wear and have. Like phones, mp3 players and video games.