Global Social Issues 4agents

By Meximan
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    4 agents timespan

  • Birth-Toddler Peers

    Birth-Toddler Peers
    This day I have met my first Allie Toddler friend. This has made a big impact on me becuase that kid that I met before I was one, we still hangout and are friend.
  • Birth-Toddler Family

    Birth-Toddler  Family
    This was the day that I have walk. This has made a big impact on me becuase I walk everyday.
  • Birth-Toddler Mass Media

    Birth-Toddler Mass Media
    Today was a great day because this was the day that my toddler eyes were figuring out to read a few words from the book, Green Eggs and Ham. This made a big impact on me because I still have that very book and I read books all the time for fun.
  • Toddler-Elementry Mass Media

    Toddler-Elementry Mass Media
    During this age i was introduced to the Television were i watched my first show of EspongeBob. And that has imapcted my life becuase now that im older, i watch Television all the time maaaan.
  • Toddler-Elementry Peers

    Toddler-Elementry Peers
    My peers affect my life becuase based on what i do, i look at the reaction of my peers and determine if what i did was right or "accepted"
  • Toddler-Elementry school

    Toddler-Elementry school
    This day in elemetry i have learned how to be disciplined. This has impacted my life because since that day i have learned to be more of a good kid. since the teachers disciplined me with a cubby sentence, i have learned not to be a bad kid.
  • Toddler-Elementry Family

    Toddler-Elementry Family
    twas this day was the day my dad taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels. oh man rolling like a big dawg. this day has affected my life because i ride my bike just about everyday without my fathers consent.
  • Elementry-Middle school mass media

    Elementry-Middle school mass media
    this day i have witnessed my first Rated R movie. Anacanda. this has made a big impact on my life becuase With R rated movies, comes R rated actions. i started to fight in school like people did in movies.
  • Elementry-Middle school Peers

    Elementry-Middle school Peers
    In this age group i have been granted the power to sit with my friends rather than sit with my class. This has impacted my life becuase i seem to act different based on who i sit by.
  • Elementry-Middle school family

    Elementry-Middle school family
    this day in school i have heard my first bad word from my friend. then i said it at home and my parents slapped the crap outta me. this has impacted my life becuase i realized, you cant act like your parents are your friends.
  • Elementry-Middle school School

    Elementry-Middle school School
    this day has impacted my life because i had bad grades. this taught me that i wasnt in elementry any more. things are much harder and more complicated.
  • Middle school- Present day peers

    Middle school- Present day peers
    This day was important becuase when im with my friends, im more of a man. when im with girls, i acted way different becuase im starting to like girls and act different around them.
  • Middle school-Present day family

    Middle school-Present day family
    this was the year i realized that my family is not what it used to be. im spending less time with them and they dont really have much of an impact on me becuase of the fact that im getting bigger and older.
  • Middle school-Present day Mass media

    Middle school-Present day Mass media
    this was the day that i have seen a movie with a shower seen. it was with my parents and they slapped my eyes shut for me. i realize that the media dont care how old you are, they will put boobies on tv. better watch out.
  • Middle School-Present day School

    Middle School-Present day School
    im in high school and i realize that i cant be slacking at all in highschool. this has had a big impact on me becuase i have no time for games or friends. only school. but on the weekends i do whatever the dell i want :0