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  • rules and basics

    rules and basics
    welcome to the wonderful stressful world of speech. And since it is also VERY confusing. i thought i might give you a little basics so you won't be so confused.
    1. Even though there is like 17 different events of speech you can only do 4 a meet. You can change these 4 around from meet to meet. but the max is 4.
    2. going to a regular meet my goal is to final. to final means that you made it top 8.
    3. I DO NOT DO FUNNY EVENTS. i make you cry that's what i do.
  • Valley city High School Speech

    Valley city High School Speech
    even though speech started in January, I have started speech in October of the year 2018. So by the first meet I was ready to compete. I was lucky enough to final in all three events that i went in.
    serious prose-5th
    impromptu- 7th
    *for any meet that i don't have a picture for you will get one from last year :)
  • Devils Lake Speech

    Devils Lake Speech
    Devils lake is a very close team to us. we usually compete together and it was an honor to go and compete at their school.
    we placed 1st with a total of 174 points
  • St. Mary's Speech

    St. Mary's Speech
    St. Mary's is a long cold trip. And lucky us there school has portable class rooms. so we had to walk outside in the freezing cold in dress clothes.
    i was also lucky enough to get second in three of my events.
  • Fargo South Speech

    Fargo South Speech
    on this day our speech team split up with Jr. High going to Litchville-Marion and taking second.They showed everyone that the younger generation will keep the speech team going. And high school went to Fargo South were we took first. it was also the first time that i got first in Dramatic. It was a very exciting time for me. It was also the second time my captain Maggie said she was proud of me. it meant alot too me knowing that i was making her proud.
    *we seem to play around alot
  • West Fargo Sheyenne Mustang

    West Fargo Sheyenne Mustang
    The horse trophy meet!!! this meet is something a lot of speech kids look forward too because the top three places get a trophy with a horse on it! which is really nerdy but also really exciting. this was also the first meet that i was called someones mentor. It meant alot to me. Because even though I am not a captain the younger kids still look up to me. which is way better than any horse trophy. it was still pretty cool to get the horse trophy though.
  • Grand Forks Central

    Grand Forks Central
    i like to call this meet dooms day meet. nothing really bad happened. i was just super sick the entire time. i had to exit the room after every time I spoke just to throw up. gross i know. just image how you would feel yelling and speaking all day while your trying not to throw up. luckily i am an amazing performer who was taught the show must go on. I was blessed enough to still find success in all of my events at this meet.
  • Valley city State University Speech

    Valley city State University Speech
    The meet that never happened. Sadly because of the snow all that week before and the intense cold we had to reschedule the meet for the next week. i spent this Saturday studying for bio. We all know Mr. Toppen stops his test for nobody or no snow. I was also trying to get better from my cold/flu from the week before. That didn't work still sick. And the meet was still canceled because of the snow the next week. No valley city state meet.
    *here is a picture of my and Julianne at the weird baymont
  • West Fargo High School

    West Fargo High School
    i don't know which school is worse to try and find the rooms. Don't look at the numbers or signs they LIE!!! it is very stressful trying to find the room where you are supposed to speak at when you are almost late. I found my rooms everything is okay i finaled. And guess what still sick. yup i have been sick for the last three weeks. that's fun.
  • Fargo Davies

    Fargo Davies
    I don't remember much of this meet because of all of the cold meds i was on. I do remember one thing. Not fun. Not fun at all. Actually quite stressful trying to speak while you can hardly breathe. i did final. I don't know how this keeps happening while i'm sick. I guess muscle memory applies to speaking. I don't know.
  • Fargo North Speech

    Fargo North Speech
    i found a school worse than West Fargo. oh yeah. it could get worse and it did. I have been to this school last year and it still sucks. And guess what we have to come back here for EDC next week.
  • Fargo North EDC!!!!

    Fargo North EDC!!!!
    My mother's birthday yay!! oh yeah and i won EDC which is super exciting. During this very stressful time of EDC there was actually a Volleyball tournament going on as well. During one of my rounds three different people walked in on me speaking because they thought something was wrong. And i know hearing "Kill them, hang them" could be intense. luckily i am used to people with the 70 people on my team walking in on me. so i did not break and got the one. i won first place EDC with all ones
  • Jamestown

    State time!! state has been a long time coming for the Valley city Speech team. We are now back to back to back camps and we could not be more happy to take that dub. we all put in alot of work every day to lead us up to this and it was a sad goodbye to three amazing seniors. Maggie, Mo, and Eliza has always been there for us and now get to grow in college. I was very blessed to be able to get second in serious prose.
  • NSDA District tournament @ Baymont Mandan

    NSDA District tournament @ Baymont Mandan
    first the Baymont is a super weird hotel and i would not trust being there if i weren't surrounded by speech kids. i was not able to find success at NFL's but some really close people were. Olivia, Madi Klabo, and Maggie were able to qualify for NATIONALS having all their hard work paid off. Lilly also got chosen to go to worlds schools. im not sure how that works since we don't have debate. I have never been more excited and proud in my life. for these girls and all of their hard work
  • Coming Home

    Coming Home
    coming home. was very hard first i found out my friend was shot and killed that sunday. with the snow day Friday us Speech kids were not able to get all of our work and plan everything solid. so us coming back we had work done we didn't need done. And also had to take tests we weren't able to study for. i know that it is hard missing school especially since some speech kids were either too sick or too tired to come to school the next day. but we stayed up for hours and hours working and speaking
  • Coming Home part 2

    Coming Home part 2
    i woke up at 2 and went to bed at 12 for weeks getting ready for NfLs so i was very tired. and my team was too. these three days all i will be doing is work trying to get caught up. we don't mean to not have our work done or to be confused yet there were alot of teachers who were angry we aren't ready or confused and asking for our work. it just puts a damp on our day after putting in so much work just to come back to all this trouble.