Friendship Through the Years

  • The First Dance

    I met my best friend in my first ever dance class. We were the last two without a partner, and joined by default. To this day, she describes this moment as "the day her life began its spiral down the toilet." This was our first and last dance class together. They closed the studio only a few years afterwards. Photo By: Joann Richichi
  • An Elementary Graduation

    We made it through elementary school together, attached at the hip. Though we didn't sit near each other, we took tons of photos and spent every minute we could together after the ceremony. Opening gifts at Sarah's graduation party was extremely exciting, apparently. I made sure to come over and play that game with her as often as possible. Photo By: Joann Richichi
  • Sixteen Was Oh So Sweet

    My sweet sixteen was only a few weeks after Sarah's. We each gave the other her very own candle with a personalized speech. As per usual, we both chose Demi Lovato's "Train Wreck" as the candle song. This is also our signature pose for photos showing off all our love. Photo By: Ron Richichi
  • Prom Queens?

    Although neither of us ended up being prom queen, it was the perfect end to our high school career. It would've been nice to have gone together, but sitting next to each other night just had to do. I'll never forget spending the entire night dancing and laughing. I'll also always remember it as the night we ran through Times Square barefoot, though we aren't proud of that. Photo By: Ron Richichi
  • Moving on, Moving out

    Although I left her for a semester back in 2012, I knew I'd always be able to come home to her: and I did. I spent the next year and a half at Nassau Community with her, meeting for lunch and hanging out at every chance we got. This was the first time we both were leaving home. We had to coordinate what weekends to go come home and when we'll visit, which is a first. Luckily, Binghamton isn't too far away, at least not for my best friend.