Freshman year review

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    CA9 Freshman review

    As the year comes to a close, it is time to reflect on and celebrate the moments that made it memorable, and to commemorate them in a lasting tribute. Your assignment is to create a timeline of this school year using Time Toast ( See an example at: Your timeline should include at least 20 events in the following categories:
    School (at least 4 learning moments from this class plus 1 major lesson/truth you learned this
  • All About Me Lyrics - Jon Young: Listen To Your Heart!

    All About Me Lyrics - Jon Young: Listen To Your Heart!
    We got lyrics from a song that inspired you and we used that one song to relate to our lifes in one or more ways.

    The song Bottoms Up by Trey Songz and Nicki Manaj came out! That was my favorite song ever! I loved Nicki's part! She's a fast rapper and she has a good voice!
  • Birthday time!!

    Birthday time!!
    My birthday was on this day! And on my birthday i had a awesome party! We went to worlds of fun (On halloween) It was a blast!! I can not wait til my next one!!!
  • GIR!

    I got an Gir backpack and I LOVE GIR!!! Gir is this little robot who dresses up as a dog with the mind of a 5 year old! He is off Invader Zim. Gir has always been my favorite charicter!
  • T REX

    T REX
    T= Truth (Main Idea)/lesson learned<Controlling Idea>
    R= Responce to prompt-Allows students to express thier thoughts <Voice>
    E=Evidence(textual or factual support) <Schema connection>
    eX=Explanation (Personal story)
  • My grandmother broke her leg.

    My grandmother broke her leg.
    My grandmother, fell and broke her leg! It was crazy, I was so scared! Her friend Nelly had to call because a few years back, my grandfather lost his life to cancer, due to the vietnam war.
  • Wenny Has Wings

    Wenny Has Wings
    I read Wenny Has Wings, it was a powerful book to me. And the meaning or "truth" was that when you loose someone really close in your family, it creates a powerful depression!
  • Best friends again!

    Best friends again!
    Passion and I became friends again, we were fighting for a long time because of drama. She had been my friend from 2nd grade, she was like a sister to me! But that day I remember talking to her, and we became best friends again!
  • Heroism

    This assiment was about how the person you idmire is your hero in there own way. But not like super hero hero, just an everyday hero!
  • Friends and I!

    Friends and I!
    My friends, Jessica, Avore, and I were all hanging out on this day and we went into my brothers room as a joke a spuirted kechup everywhere and wrote "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" It was one of the funniest days ever!
  • Hospital time!

    Hospital time!
    On this date my other grandmother was idmitted to the hospital for ammonia in her heart, I believe. Most my family was in her little room freaking out! But the worst thing for me was, I thought she was going to die and just a few rooms down is where my grandfather died a few years back.
  • Reserch War story

    Reserch War story
    Consists of dramatic, true stories using sences, dialogue, close,detailed describtions and other technigues usually employed by poets and fiction writers about improtant subjects-from politics to economics, to sports, to the art and sciences, to rational relationships, and family relationships.
  • Break up!

     Break up!
    Me and my boyfriend of two years broke up. I found out he was a cheater and a liar so I dumped him, and moved on!
  • Relationship

    That day is when i got together with my boyfriend Lowell. He's awesome in everyway and i couldn't ask for a better boyfriend! He treats me right and I really like him! He's the best boyfriend I have ever had!
  • Birthday Party!!

    Birthday Party!!
    May 10th was my big brother Nick's 18th birthday! We had a party for him and it was a surprize! He was so excited! First thing he did was go to the car dealership and get the car in his name!!

    May 20th is our last day of school, for the SUMMER!! This summer is going to be rocking because i'm going to be swimming and partying with my friends!!
  • Gradution!!

    My big brother graduates!!!!! I'm so proud of him, and so are my parents! I really didn't think he would pass because he was failing at the begining of the year but he got his head in the game and made A's!!