Freshman Year.

  • First Day of High School

    Beginning of a great year!
  • Period: to


  • First Business Project

    Business is Business, never said we were friends
  • Played LeBlonde in Football

    One throw away from a blow out. Got my first sack of the year.
  • Football mid-season

    Football going strong. To the top if i climb my way
  • Moved in with My Dad

    Got comfortable at my new abode.
  • First Time Spending the Night at Sebastian's Dads

    Great night. Running around in Richmond.
  • Halloween

  • Call of Duty Black Ops Comes Out

    Gaming way too much.
  • Basketball Season Starts!

    Wakin up at 5 in the morning
  • New Years

    Great day!
  • Ventines Day

    Romance was in the air.
  • Driving Around with Jake and Anna

    First day we started our cruisin days
  • Finished Liber Novus by Carl Jung

    Finished my research of new age pschology.
  • Beginning of Book Project

    Started our research war story.
  • Spring Break

    Went to the Great Wolf Lodge with my family.
  • Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

    Starts a bad week stuck at home!
  • Band Trip to Denver Canceled

    Dissapointed about not going. But oh well.
  • One Year with Heaven

    Happy anniversary baby.
  • Finals

    First day of finals. Hopefully did well on all of them.
  • Last Day of School

    Last day of year freshman year.