French Revolution - Parker Fields6

  • Death of Louis XIV

    Louis XIV became ill & was diagnosed with sciatica. He fell into a semi-coma, lasting 2 days until he died.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence was adopted. Written and closed by Thomas Jefferson.
  • Napoleon Enters Cadet School

    Attended cadet school at Brienne-le-Château. The school is located in north-central France.
  • Estates-General Takes Charge

    Convened to deal with the mob/barricade issue. Ended up being held back by archaic protocols and conservatism of the Second Estate.
  • The Bastille is Stormed

    The Bastille Prison was attacked by an angry mob on this day. They wanted the weapons, ammunition and they freed the prisoners.
  • The Last Article

    The last article of the declaration of the rights of man was adopted. It was the first step to writing the constitution for France.
  • Napoleon Promoted to Captain

    He was promoted from 1st Lieutenant to Captain. Happened after his third furlough to Corsica.
  • Introductrion of Revolutionary Calender

    The years were counted from 1792. Also written in roman numerals
  • Festival of Reason

    Took place in Notre Dame. Athiestic belief system intended to replace Christianity.
  • Becoming Emperor

    Napoleon became Emperor. The French elected him as Emperor.
  • Napoleon's Reign

    His reign persisted. Although he became captured at the Battle of Sedan.
  • Cause of Napoleon's Death

    He was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Others thought he was murdered with arsenic poison.
  • Napoleon's Death

    Napoleon died May 5, 1821. He was the age of 51 when he died.