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France and Italy

By jpfitch
  • Paris

    We arrived in Paris on a very hot and humid day in June. First we visit the Arc de triomphe this was commissioned by Napolean a French Emporer in 1806, it was not completed until 1836 after Napoleons death in 1821.
  • Paris by night

    Paris by night
    Tonight we did a boat cruise along the river Seine.
  • Period: to

    France and Italy

  • The Eiffel Tower and the Lourve Museum

    The Eiffel Tower and the Lourve Museum
    Today we went to see the Eiffel tower, we also did a bike trip around the city. One of the sites we saw was the outside of the Lourve Museum where many famous paintings are kept including Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Fly to Rome

    Arrive in Rome and head to Ostia beach for a day.
  • City tour around Rome

    City tour around Rome
    Today we spent the day on a bus visiting the main attractions in Rome, Italy, including the incredible colosseum, it was originally built for gladiator combats with wild animals.
  • Drive from Rome to Florence

    Today we drove 3 hours to Florence, once we arrive we rested.
  • Florence

    Today we walked around Florence, eating delicious gelato and taking in the sites.
  • Drive from Florence to Venice

    Today we drove to Venice, it was so hot and there were heaps of mosquitos.
  • Venice

    Today we took a water taxi around Venice then shopped in the markets, it was so hot we couldn't stay for long. Venice is a city built around water.
  • Pisa

    Today we drove 4 hours from Venice to the Cinque Terre, we stopped detoured to Pisa to see the leaning tower. The construction of the building was started in 1174, when it reached its third storey it had started to sink into the ground, it stayed like this for 90 years then was completed. It now takes 294 steps to get to the top.
  • Cinque Terre

    Cinque Terre
    We stayed in La Spezia just outside the Cinque Terre.
  • Walking along the 5 villages in the Cinque Terre

    Walking along the 5 villages in the Cinque Terre
    It was incredibly beautiful and the water was so warm.
  • Milan

    We drove to Milan and stayed there a night, it was so hot we couldn't sleep.