FR Timeline

By 2104147
  • The Debt of France before the Revolution

    The Debt of France before the Revolution
    France accrues a high debt from the American Revolution. This was due to there large participation in the U.S Revolution. this put France in a position of debt, which would be a reason for revolution.
  • March on Versailles

    March on Versailles
    Women march on the royal palace of Versiailles due to the scarcity, and high price of bread. The bread was expensive because the government had been taxing the poor in unimaginable ways. Also, it was in shortage becuase there were so many people who ate bread on a daily basis amongst the poor community.This ultimately led to the revolution.
  • "La Marsellaise"

    "La Marsellaise"
    La Marsellaise become the national French anthem. This song became the anthem becuause France was anew, and the revolution had been won, this song has somewhat of a spirit from the revolution.
  • Czar Leads the Front lines

    Czar Leads the Front lines
    Czar Nicholas II went to the front lines to lead the Russian Army. He at this time, left his wife to be in power.
    Nor him, or his wife had expierience in there current position which caused them to slack and plummet in their occupational position.
  • Red Guards Attack Petrograd

    Red Guards Attack Petrograd
    Red guards chose to attack the provisional government in Petrograd.
    This was mainly because the government was weak, and they were getting in the way of the revolution.
  • The Death of Lenin

    The Death of Lenin
    Lenin's death results in a power struggle between Trotsky and Stalin. This only gave Stalin a reason to have Trotsky killed in the later future, after he became the leader.