Fiona's Strawberry Growth Timeline

Timeline created by dhammondteacher
  • Strawberry Week 1

    Strawberry Week 1
    Today we began planting our class Sustainable Kitchen Garden. Finally! After learning about food miles, soil types and sustainable recycling we set up garden beds out of old fridges. I was randomly selected to receive a strawberry plant to look after. I'm so happy, strawberries are the best! Here is a photo of the seedlings. We carefully took them out of their plastic packs being careful to hold the soil together to protect the roots. They're so small! I hope they grow up fast! Leaves: 6
  • Strawberry Week 2

    Strawberry Week 2
    Wow! What abnormally fast growth! My strawberry plant has begun to flower (beautiful white petals) with many more buds appearing on the plant. The centre of the flower (what's that called?) looks like a tiny strawberry! Leaves: 15
    Fruit: 2
  • Strawberry Week 3

    Strawberry Week 3
    Wow! The flower becomes the fruit! That's amazing. They are growing quite quickly with lots of the buds becoming flowers and the flowers becoming large fruit. We're making sure the plants have lots of great nutrients from our compost and worm farm so that they grow very quickly and healthy. I think it's working! Leaves: 20
    Fruit: 6
  • Strawberry Week 4

    Strawberry Week 4
    The strawberries are really beginning to flourish now! They're getting very plump. There aren't as many new ones coming out... I think the fruit is using all of the plants energy to grow. Leaves: 25
    Strawberries: 8
  • Strawberry Week 5

    Strawberry Week 5
    Yum! Our strawberries are almost ready to eat! As some of them are fully ripened (red all over) there are still unripe ones growing. That means that we'll have strawberries for weeks to come! Yes! Leaves: 30
    Fruit: 13 Runners: 2
  • Strawberry Week 6 - Harvest and Eat!

    Strawberry Week 6 - Harvest and Eat!
    With so many strawberries ready we harvested all the ripe ones today. We spent the day using the school kitchen to prepare a variety of meals for our class. Here is a picture of a strawberry cheesecake we made! Delicious! The strawberries will be popular in our class Crunch n' Sip along with the peas. I hope you enjoyed my strawberry timeline!
    Made by Fiona, 2012.