Finding Truths 2010-2011

  • Soccer Season Begins

    Soccer Season Begins
    Scared at my first day actually meeting and participating in a high school sport I hesitated on answering if I wanted to play soccer or not. The season ended up being fantastic and fun. Now I can't wait till next year and through this I found the truth that something may turn out to have a greater impact than what you expected it to be.
  • Period: to

    Freshman Year

  • I Begin School as a Freshman

    I Begin School as a Freshman
    I come to the first day of school, not knowing what's in store for me throughout the year. Still confident that this will be a fantastic year I begin not only a new year of school, but also a new chapter in my life.
  • Red To Blue

    Red To Blue
    This was one of the first concepts and life lessons I grasped ahold of at high school. The prompt we read was about two different gangs that wre opposites, but at the end of their life they all deserved some respect from everyone. This taught me to respect everyone I meet and to not judge people according to how I live. Instead realize that we are all unique and have failures and success. "The only difference between me and someone in prison is one choice."
  • Truths

    We are taught a lesson on main ideas and truths. This lesson helped me focus on the main topic in my stories and identify the moral or truth that is in each passage. And also if you know the truth, there is importance to anything you do involving that truth.
  • Light Show

    Light Show
    At the last home football game of the season the band dresses up with glow sticks and performs the songs as we walk, glowing around the field. This event was the first exciting thing that happened to me at Benton and opened my eyes to how thrilling high school can be.
  • Hunger Games

    Hunger Games
    I finish reading the book Hunger Games this year after refusing to read it during my eighth grade year. The book turns out being excellent and one of my favorites. The lesson I learned is taught to us many times, but we simply ignore it- Don't judge a book by it's cover.
  • Wrestling Season Begins

    Wrestling Season Begins
    I wasn't going to do wrestling, but got talked into it and realized that not only is this the most difficult sport out of all the sports I've played before but that this sport reveals your true character. We were challenged and tested throughout the season and through everything I experienced, I have not only become a better wrestler, but also a better person overall.
  • Beauty Is Truth

    Beauty Is Truth
    We wrote about our own truths and described what the beauty in them were. This prompt not only let me focus on truths and controlling ideas, but also let me realize that there are everyday truths we experience and almost any circumstance we find ourselves in have beauty hidden in them.
  • Wrestling Tournament

    Wrestling Tournament
    I earn a medal for third place in pool B at a varisty tournament. This motivated me to keep persevering and perform everything I do to the best of my ability.
  • Thank You M'am

    Thank You M'am
    We wrote about characters in a passage we read called "Thank You M'am". Not only did we figure out there was more to characters in a plot then just physical traits, but we also had to describe the personality and style of each character. "Thank You M'am" also taught me the truth that through any obstacle you should be calm and humbling, and through doing this a blessing will follow.
  • A Different Setting

    A Different Setting
    We wrote a prompt using the same plot as "Thank You M'am" except for one difference. We changed the setting to our own, this showed me that the setting plays an important role in a prompt or book and also determines styles and personalities of some characters. The truth I found through this is that many little factors effect how we live daily and the person we are.
  • Winterjam

    I go to my second concert in Kansas City and have a blast singing the praises of God and listening to fantastic singers that give messages not only after their songs, but mainly through their songs.
  • Tennis Season Begins

    Tennis Season Begins
    The tennis season starts and I end up making varsity, even though our season didn't go as well as we planned I still have three more years to play high school tennis. Our team had many different characters with opposite personalities, showing me that every one on earth may have more in common than they think and that we are all made from the one Creator.
  • Dare 2 Share

    Dare 2 Share
    I went to a convention about sharing the gospel and had a wonderful time being motivated and encouraged to share the gospel to all the world. Also we got to worship and even shared the gospel to a random stranger we saw throughout the day, leading us to get out of our comfort zones and share the gift that has been freely given to us.
  • Leadership Conference

    Leadership Conference
    I get selected to attend a leadership conference at Washburn University, where we are brought together as a team and challenged theough time frames and circumstances. Though at the end we work as a team to accomplish our task and perform a presentation that concludes our findings.
  • Youth Convention

    Youth Convention
    I attended a youth convention with my church over the course of three days. We had an incredible time worshipping and listening to messages that stood out and we witnessed many people coming to Christ. One of the best experiences I have ever had before by far!
  • National Bible Quizzing

    National Bible Quizzing
    I worked on memorizing scriptures in the bible and after six months of memorizing I made it to nationals and got to not only hide God's Word in my heart, but also meet devoted Christians across the nation.
  • Historical Fiction

    Historical Fiction
    I write my first historical fiction story of which I am the most proud of writing throughout the year. Not only was I exposed to a new type of literature, but I also got to write a short story and had to persevere to accomplish the goal.
  • "B" Club Banquet

    "B" Club Banquet
    I attend the "B" club banquet for student-athletes that received a varsity letter throughout the year. I ended up getting 3 varsity letters for tennis, wrestling, and soccer.
  • School Ends

    School Ends
    This is the last day of school and I am leaving this year not only with more knowledge, but also more faith and friends. High school this year has been a struggle, but in those moments of peace, happiness, and excitement I enjoyed every second as if that were my last day. Even though I made mistakes, just like all of us, this year has allowed me to learn from those mistakes and become a wiser and better person.