Film Noir Coursework

  • Period: to

    Foundation production

  • Formed groups

    We formed our group and decided on our genre. We decided on doing a film noir and looked at a few examples of films.
  • Meeting 1

    We had a group meeting to assgin roles
  • Prezi created

    We created a prezi for the history of film noir. Including typical films, actors and sub genres.
  • Conventions

    We filled in a worksheet pof the conventions of a film noir. This included typical settings, characters, subjects and iconography.
  • Film Noir Audience

    We created an information sheet for the types of audience a film is for. It included some conventions of a film noir and the age restrcitions.
  • Meeting 2

    Group meeting to decide on initial ideas
  • Initial ideas

    We did our initial ideas for our project. Writting down possible plots for the opening sequence of our film noir. We also included props, costumes and possible music styles we could use.
  • Looked at film Noirs

    We looked at an analsed opening sequences of film noir's to try and get some inspiration for our production
  • Titles analysis

    We completed an analysis of four different Film Noirs to get a feel of how they are portrayed, this was to be able to use certain tecniques in our own film.
  • Instutional research

  • 8 screen analysis

    Completed a 8 screen analysis of film noirs
  • Began filming

    We filmed the exposition of our sequence.
  • Meeting 3

    We discussed ideas for an extra bit of film to be used in the sequence. Talking about different camera angles, sounds and editing we could use.
  • Filmed

    We began filming more of our sequence, ensuring we included a wider variety of shots.
  • Started filming

    We started the very first filming session.
  • Created Logo

    We created a logo for ou film company on photoshop
  • Created Logo

    We created a logo for our film company on photoshop
  • Second filming session

    We filmed the very begining of the sequence and this would be edited into the montage sequence.
  • Began editing

    Although we didnt have all of our videos, we began editing what we had because it gave us the chance to see what shots we had and we could decide to include more of a variety.
  • Third filming session

    We filmed the 'interegation' part of our sequence this session. We tried to make the setting as realistic as possible and use a rangfe of shots.
  • Second editing

    We had more videos to add to the editing so we carried on with this,
  • Created Soundtrack

  • Created Sequence Titles

  • Fourth Filiming session

    We carried on with the filming of the 'interegation' we tried a lot of different shots to see which worked the best.
  • Re- shoot

    We did some re shooting of scenes to allow us to have a wider range of camera shots an smoother cuts between scenes.
  • Evaluation Question 3 Completed

  • Evaluation Question 1 Completed

  • Evaluation Question 2 Completed

  • Evaluation Questions 4 & 5 Powerpoint Completed

  • Filming of Evaluation Questions 6 & 7 Completed