Film Coursework Project

  • Breif

    In late June we were given our first breif of our coursework.
  • Deciding our group

    Me and Lydia decided we would work together, we worked together last year with our media coursework and I think we worked really well together! We worked well together well as a team, were very organised and always use and develop each others ideas to the best we can!
  • Codes and Conventions of Film Material

    This is when we started our research, looking into promotional film material is mainly what we were looking into. Different ways of promoting films, mainly through film trailers. Codes and conventions of film trailers were key in the research process, we wanted to learn about codes and conventions, specifically ones related to their genre.
  • Research

    After some initial film research we thought it would be appropriate to look into some other ways of promoting films. We did this thorough film posters. Me, Lydia and Georgia looked into two film posters that were very different and worked out the codes and conventions of each poster and seeing how they use them to their advantage and to promotoe the films.
  • Narrative Theory

    When we came back from the summer holidays, as a class we started researching into narrative theory. This was to help us when it came to creating our own film trailer.
  • Genre Theory

    As a class we then went on to genre theory, again this was to help us out when it came to creating our own film trailer.
  • Pitch

    Over the next week me and Lydia thought long and hard about our pitch for our coursework. We finally came up with our genre and a basic idea around our film. We knew that this would have a lot of editing and would probably not stay the same but the basic pitch was what we needed.
  • Mind map

    After our pitch we decided to create a mind map to create some general ideas about what we wanted to do! These again were all very basic ideas, creating characters and thinking about settings where all involved in the mind map.
  • Genre Research

    We decided it was important that we did some in depth research into our chosen genre(s). So we looked into our genre and a few film trailers of these genres, this gave us a few ideas about what we wanted to include in our film trailer and led us to start thinking about the types of shots, angles etc that would be good to include in our trailer!
  • Audience Research Questionnaire

    We created a questionnaire to gain audience feedback. Mainly to find out what target audience would be good for our chosen genre and what specific elements of a trailer our audience liked.
  • Audience Research Questionnaire Feedback

    Once we had our feedback, we put our restults into graphs. With our findings we used the most popular results and will forward these results when thinking about our film trailer.
  • Storyboard

    This is when we created the first draft of our storyboard. We had a rough idea of our film and we just needed to put our ideas together to then create a storyboard.
  • Animatic

    Once we had created our storyboard we could take the images from it to create our animatic.
  • Character and casting shots

    Now we had our basic storyline we needed to choose our characters! We wanted our cast to have a basic resembelance to the characters but we knew it wasn't essential.
  • Audience Profiles

    The next step was to look more into our target audience. We had a basic idea from the audience research and the genre research so the next step was to create our audience profiles.
  • Risk Assessment

    We created our risk assment as it is essential for each member of our cast to sign this.
  • Film Classification

    Classifying our film was an important task. We knew that our film was going to contain some scenes of drug use so straight away that put our rating up to a 12. Once we had gone through some of the other classification points we decided that our film should have a classification rating of 15.
  • Technical Equipment

    We then needed to decide what equipment we would use to film our film. This included the camera, tripod, microphone and any other type of equipment we would possibly need.
  • Shot list

    We decided to create a list of possible shots that we could use for each scene that would be involved in the trailer! These were only possibilites but we thought it would be a good idea to think of some ideas.
  • Starting filming!!

    Once we had our shot list done we wanted to get filming as soon as we could! This was done over a period of a few days as there was a few different locations.
  • Location Shots

    During the filming we took some shots of our locations to put on our blog.
  • Voxpop

    Nearer the beginning of the project we decided to get some more audience feedback through filming some of our target audience and asking them what they like and don't like about film traiers.
  • First Cut

    Once we had filmed at our first location we decided to upload the first draft of our film onto our blog to give an idea of the editing process. From here on we will be continuing to film and to edit our trailer!