felix&castillo-tex rev5th

  • Battle Of Gonzales

    Battle Of Gonzales
    Consisderd first battle of Texas revolution. Mexicans retreated for losing to texans.
  • Lipantitian Battle Of Constilitation

    Lipantitian Battle Of Constilitation
    Its a meeting of representation of various district of San Fellipe Branch T. Archer to preside.
  • Siege Of San Antonio

    Siege Of San Antonio
    The texas army was camped at concepcion. The force was atleast a thousand men.
  • Battle Of The Alamo

    Battle Of The Alamo
    It was a 13 day siege , of Mexican troops under President General Antonio Lopez Santa Anna.
  • Texas Declaration Of Independence

    Texas Declaration Of Independence
    It was an urgancy oaramount,while being prepared in seiges.
  • Republic Of Texas

    Republic Of Texas
    Was formed as a break away republic from Mexico , The state claimed borders.
  • Siege Of Alamo

    Siege Of Alamo
    After losing to Texas Santa Anna returns for another battle.
  • Runaway Scrape

    Runaway Scrape
    Settlers fled Texas after hearing Mexican troops lead by General Antonio Lopez Santa Anna. They planned to attack Texas.
  • Battle Of Coletto

    Battle Of Coletto
    It was the most magnificent engagment of Texas Revolution.
  • Golid Massacre

    Golid Massacre
    An execution of republic, Texas and commander James Fannin by Mexico reluctantly carried out by Genera Jose De Urrea.
  • Battle Of San Jacinto

    Battle Of San Jacinto
    Led by General Sam Houston the Texan army engaged and defeated General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna.