Emma Boucher family timeline

  • Emmas birth

    Emmas birth
    I was born in Michigan at 4:52am
  • started walking and crawling

    started walking and crawling
    I started when I was a couple months old, my parents said about 7 months
  • started talking

    started talking
    Babbled around 2-3 months and talked about a year later
  • Economic collapse

    Economic collapse
    In 2008, the economy fell into a repression and was close to a depression.
  • met grandparents from arizona

    met grandparents from arizona
    My grandparents lived in arizona before they moved to michigan, and it was one of my first times meeting them and their dog sophie
  • started gymnastics!

    started gymnastics!
    I started gymnastics at the age of 3, and did it until i was 16. It was very good and fun at first especially when I first started
  • oil rig exploded

    oil rig exploded
    In the gulf of mexico a oil rig exploded. it caused lots of oil pollution to the seas and oceans that still isnt solved
  • starting preschool

    starting preschool
    I started preschool when I was 4 and had a class with 2 teachers and we called one Mrs. Pickle
  • I started kindergarten

    I started kindergarten
    I was 5 during kindergarten and loved reading this one book because it was a couple feet long!
  • went to the bahamas

    went to the bahamas
    One of my favorite memories from this trip was going down a slide into a pool of sharks
  • went to myrtle beach

    went to myrtle beach
    I got sick during this trip and it was my first sick vacation, but before I did it was really fun and we were with my cousin too, i got my first ipod.
  • grand hotel!

    grand hotel!
    my dads work got him a trip to the grand hotel so we all went and we had a really pretty green and white room. It was really fancy.
  • got my ears pierced

    got my ears pierced
    I dont have a picture from when my ears were peirced, but for my 9th birthday i was able to do it.
  • started intermediate school (Nickles)

    started intermediate school (Nickles)
    I didnt like 5-6th grade but I made a lot of new friends and even had my first crush
  • my hamster died

    my hamster died
    I had a hamster named jazzy and she was a Syrian hamster but she died because she was sick and blind.
  • started middle school, went to paris

    started middle school, went to paris
    Middle school was a very awkward stage but I tried new things and found what I enjoyed, friends changed a lot and still have but it was a really fun group.
  • got braces, Covid-19, cruise

    got braces, Covid-19, cruise
    I got braces just before i got to see my long distance friend in the picture. Im very happy I got them because my teeth were so crooked from having 11 total teeth pulled through the years.
  • started highschool, pandemic

    started highschool, pandemic
    Highschool is a very life changing event, but my first year was heavily impacted by Covid, i had to do hybrid and all the types of schooling, but now I know what it is really like.
  • grandma got cancer, first boyfriend, went to hawaii

    grandma got cancer, first boyfriend, went to hawaii
    In hawaii, when i was dating my boyfriend at the time, (hes long gone now), I got sun poisioning and couldnt move for 2 days of the trip.
  • got my licsence, quit gymnastics

    got my licsence, quit gymnastics
    I was so happy to get my license and one of the first things I was excited for was to drive myself to practice. However, shortly after I quit because my coaches were not treating me fairly and would say im faking my injury.
  • roe v wade overturned

    roe v wade overturned
    The right for every woman to choose what she did with her own body was revoked.