Fall of the Roman Republic

By Penny.T
  • 241 BCE

    End of First Punic War

    Rough aftermath for the losing side.
  • 237 BCE

    Carthage Wants Their Land Back

    Carthaginians wanted their two islands back that the Romans had conquered so they tried to get land back but the Romans saw this as a threat and declared war.
  • 218 BCE


    Hannibal was a leader of Carthage who wanted to win the war against the Romans. He saw that the Romans didn't have a record of winning battles on their own turf so Hannibal traveled over the alps to attack them from the inside. He got over them around 218 BC.
  • 201 BCE

    End of Second Punic War

    After defeating Carthage's armies, Rome had won yet another Punic war. They took advantage of this and started taking many taxes from the people of Carthage.
  • 149 BCE

    Start of 3rd Punic War

    Numidia was attacking Carthage and they couldn't fight back due to an agreement they had with Rome that they couldn't declare war or defend any attacks without their permission. They asked many times if they could fight back but the Romans were siding with Numidia and they weren't allowed to fight back. Finally they had enough and decided to fight back leading to the Romans see them as a threat and Rome declared another war.
  • 146 BCE

    End of Final Punic War

    This was on the shorter sides of the wars. The Romans defeated the Carthaginians and took the survivors to be sold as slaves. This was the start of the Roman downfall.
  • 115 BCE

    Cheap Entertainment turns to Dishonest Rulers

    Marius begins to include the Roman army in the government. Before Marius, the Roman army stayed out of government affairs. Marius recruited soldiers from the poor, and he paid them wages and promised them land. The Roman army went from citizen volunteers to paid professional soldiers under Marius. These soldiers were motivated by money and land instead of a sense of duty. They felt loyal to their general and not to the Roman Republic.
  • 82 BCE


    A man named Sulla takes over the government from Marius and makes himself a dictator. After he gave up power the Romans all wanted to gain power the way he had and this lead to wars for the next 50 years.