My Exposure To Traditional and New Media

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  • Born

  • Radio

    First exposure to social media where radio is our only way to gather news and information happening outside and inside of the society. Only voices of the anchors were heard, just imagining the whole scenario by how the anchors reported it.
  • Story Books and Flashcards

    Story Books and Flashcards
    We are introduced to flashcards and story books. As kids and young learners, it helped us a lot to master our reading skills and understanding.
  • Television

    This year, we've been watching news, dramas, cartoons and other activities through television. We can now see people talking and making things and it became more convenient and entertaining.
  • Educational Books

    Educational Books
    It is in year 2006 when we started attending classes and because of it, we are introduced to educational books and other learning materials. Aside from story books, educational books taught us different things. We are able to learn new things and tells us how different things shaped the world.
  • Cellular Phones

    Cellular Phones
    We are exposed to cellphones where we can exchange text messages and phone calls by anyone worldwide.
  • Computer PCs

    Computer PCs
    First touched PCs where we can browse different websites online, makes paper works and presentations faster and easier as well as plays online games just for fun.
  • Internet

    When we are able to use computers, we can now use internet where we can communicate easily worldwide and also allows us to share information.
  • Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Youtube

    Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Youtube
    Been heard about this websites. Yahoo and Facebook are used for communicating, selling and promoting goods online and etc. Google became my online dictionary and encyclopedia. It is useful for educational purposes and such. YouTube on the other hand is a faster way of browsing and watching latest movies, songs, news and etc.
  • Social Media

    Social Media
    Includes different social media apps and websites that helps us to deal with things easier.
  • SnapChat, Snow and ShareIt

    SnapChat, Snow and ShareIt
    First exposure to SnapChat and Snow apps where we can now take pictures and videos of our own in a stylish way by using different amazing filters. It is also use to communicate through chatting and video calling. ShareIt on the other hand is the app used for sharing different files and documents (pictures, songs, videos, movies, word documents, etc.) towards other device such as PC and smartphones.
  • Twitter, Instagram and Messenger

    Twitter, Instagram and Messenger
    Been exposed to this apps just this year though twitter and instagram were already launched last 2010. These were used for posting statuses called "tweets" and posting pictures. This is also a way of breaking the barrier of the superstars and fans. These makes them more closer. On the other hand, messenger was launched last 2011 but I started using it just this year 2017. I used this for communicating by means of chatting and video chatting.
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