Events Leading Up To World War 1

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  • German Unification & Alliances

    German Unification & Alliances
    Germany made alliances with Italy and Austria. It was known as the triple alliance.
  • Dual Alliances were formed

    Dual Alliances were formed
    Countries formed alliance with their neighbors in the event of a war and one of them got attacked the other would come to their defense
    Russia and Serbia
    Germany and Austria-Hungary
    France and Russia
    Britain and France and Belgium
    Japan and Britain
  • The Entente Cordiale agreement between France and Britain

    The Entente Cordiale agreement between France and Britain
    establishing a diplomatic understanding between the two countries.
  • The Anglo Russian Convention

    The Anglo Russian Convention
    A pact between England and Russia relating to Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet, another pact which encircled Germany. Many in the country believed they should fight the inevitable war now before Russia became stronger and Britain was moved to act.
  • The First Balkan War

    The First Balkan War
    1912, October 8–May 30, 1913: The First Balkan War. A European war could have been triggered any time after this point.
  • Woodrow Wilson Sworn in as US President

    Woodrow Wilson Sworn in as US President
  • The Liman Von Sanders Affair

    The Liman Von Sanders Affair
    Prussian general Liman headed a mission to take control of the garrison at Constantinople, effectively giving Germany control of the Ottoman empire, which the Russians objected to
  • The first Albanian Crisis

    The first Albanian Crisis
    The First Albanian Crisis, including the Siege of Scutari, between Montenegro and Serbia against the Ottoman Empire; the first of several crises in which Serbia refused to give up Scutari.
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand was shot by Bosnian Serb Nationalist. He was assassinated because he was wealthy, next in line to the throne and Balkans were angry by Austria's annexation of Bosnia.
  • Period: to


    Countries were increasing military strength by building more warships and guns. They were training more and more men in preparation for battle.
  • Period: to

    Spread of Industrialization

    The spread of Industrialization further pursued the causes of WWI by advancing weapons and producing them in greater numbers.