Events leading up to the russian revoloution

  • The Great Northern War.

    peter the great prepared anattack on sweden. he did this so that they could ensure russias way to the baltic sea. the war lasted until 1721. in 1703 petert the great created the capitol st. petersburg. in 1721 the treaty of nystad brought the great northern war to an end. which later gave russia land on the baltic sea that they got from sweden.
  • The Decembrist Revolt.

    Aleksandr Herzen was a journalist, political thinker, and an activist. his whole life he tried to overthrow the old order, but that didnt work. His work got him in trouble with the police and was sent to exile for a couple of years and after he got out he offended a police officer and was sentenced two more years. After he failed on overthrowing the old order he later wrote an autobiograpghy called "My past and thoughts" later in life.
  • alexander II emancipation of the serfs.

    alexander freed all serfs they were allowed few rights. they did this because of the factories with no workers because most of the woorkers couldnt work because they were serfs.
  • the assasination of alexander II

    he was killed by a member of the revolutionary. the person threw a bomb and he died in the streets of petersburg. now vladimir lenin was in charge.
  • WW1 russian involvement

    russia tried to invade germany. this didnt work because germany drove russia back into russia and fought there. russia was being paid to fight in the war and they couldnt pay anymore. riots broke out because of this. so when lenin was in charge they gave up a peice of russia to the germans so they could back out of the war in 1917.
  • the russo japanese war

    russia and germany wanted japan out of the port arthur. japan said no. later japan suprise attacked russian with torpedos in the port of arthur. which caused a war.
  • bloody sunday masscre

    unarmed demonstrators marched to present a petition to nicholas II. so they were fired at and killed in the winter palace time sqaure.
  • the revolution of 1905

    they tried to transform russian into a constitutional monarchy. the effects on this was nicholas IIretakes the throne and revolutionaries were defeated.
  • Czar Nicholas II abdicates the Russian throne

    When Nicholas II was tsar h sent soldiers to help restore the confidents in him because they thought that they couldnt trust him. Riots broke out because of this. So after the solders couldnt do much help. Nicholas II came back to throne not only for his sick son, but for his brother which he had turned down the crown the next day.
  • the march revolution

    it started when 90,000 textile workers went on strike in russian protesting. the czar (nicholas II)sent soldiers to shoot the protesters because it was banned.