Events Leading Up to Russian Revolution

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  • The Decembrist Revolt

    The Decembrist Revolt
    The Russian uprising in which a group of nobles and army officers attempted to overthrow Czar Nicholas I. Quickly, Czar Nicholas I stopped the uprising by executing five leaders and exhiling 100's more to Siberia. This event lead up to the revolution becuase the Decembrist's were looked upon as heroes for their act of defiance against the czar.
  • Czar Alexander II emancipates the Serfs

    Czar Alexander II emancipates the Serfs
    Czar Alexander II emancipated the Serfs allowing them to keep their tools and homes as well as giving them small political rights.Though they were freed, most serfs still lived in terrible conditions due to poverty. The emancipation of serfs led to the revolution becuase it gave the peasents a reason to protest the inequality and economic misery that they faced.
  • The Assassination of Alexander II

    The Assassination of Alexander II
    After a failed attemt at trying to start a revolution to end inequality, radical groups killed important officials and assassinated Czar Alexander II. The assassination of Alexander II lead to the March Revolution, becuase the citizens faced unrest and repression under the new Czar Alexander III.
  • The Russo-Japanese War

    The Russo-Japanese War
    War with Japan broke out due to the conflict over Korea and Manchuria.Devastatingly, Russia was defeated leading to many economic hardships. The Russo-Japanese War lead to the revolution because the defeat brought Russia to further social unrest and gave the people of Russia another reason to dislike Czar Nicholas II.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    Father Gapon and a group of protestors peacefully marched to Czar Nicholas II's palace to ask for better working conditions and political freedoms. The Czar's soldiers opened fire on the protestors and many of them died. Bloody Sunday sparked the beginning of the Revolution of 1905 because the citizens were furious and horrified that Czar Nicholas II had the peaceful protestors killed.
  • The Revolution of 1905

    The Revolution of 1905
    The Revolution of 1905 was when riots broke out in cities all over the country. Czar Nicholas tried stopping the violence by electing the Duma to make minor reforms though the citizens were still angry about inequality . This lead to the March Revolution becuase it caused discontent amongst the low-middle class Russian citizens.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    Though the Russian army was expected to annihilate Germany, Russia was defeated due to lack of supplies and weapons. This caused many people to protest the war, which contributed to the want to overthrow Czar Nicholas II. The Russian defeat in WWI lead to the Russian revolution because it was when the Czar's government officials refuesed to follow his orders.
  • The March Revolution

    The March Revolution
    In Petrograd, many riots and protests broke out due to the anger over war and shortage of food. The government troops that were sent to stop the rioting, actually joined in the riots. Czar Nicholas II gave up the throne and the Duma set up the Provisional Government.
  • Czar Nicholas II abdicates the Russian throne

    Czar Nicholas II abdicates the Russian throne
    In The March Revolution of 1917, riots broke out in Petrograd and amongst the rioters were citizens and government troops.Due to the riots in Petrograd, Czar Nicholas II abdicated his power. The abdication of Czar Nicholas II happened because the soldiers did not crack down on the riots but instead joined with the rioters.