Events Leading Up to Russian Reveloution

  • Peter gaining power

    Peter the Great gained power in the Baltic region from Sweden
  • Period: to

    Years of the Revolt

  • Decembrist Revolt

    Small group of nobels tried to overthrow the Czars government. They wanted a constitutional monarchy.Czar Nicholas quickly crushed the uprising
  • Russo Japanese War

    This was a war that was between the Japs and the Russians
  • Czar Emacipates serfs

    The czar Alexander the 2nd freed the serfs. this ment that the serfs had new political reasonings and could keep thier tools
  • Alexander II assanation

    When he lost to a poupular support group the radicial groups turned into terrorist groups and, sadly killed him

    The czar finally agreed to set up a duma and he said he would make other reforms.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Father Gapon and his people were having a freindly march outside the winter palace when palace guards started shooting at them. Mixed women, men, and children were among the march, 100 lie dead in front of the palace
  • Czar Nicholas II Abicates the throne

    The Czar gave up the the throne on account that they wanted to over throw the czar so he gave up the throne so there would be no problems
  • March Reveloution

    The time in march there was a food shortage and the people were complaining bread and peace
  • WW1 Russian Involvement

    Lenin wanted to make peace with the germans, in 1918 there was a treaty signed with germany to make peace